Apple iPhone X battery mAh capacity

This article provides complete details of the Apple iPhone X battery mAh capacity, price and life. Apple iPhone X was launched on 03 Nov 2017 across the world and it has been almost 6 years and people are still using the iPhone X in 2023 without any issue.

If you have an Apple iPhone X and started facing battery issues with it then you might want to know all the details about iPhone X battery mAh capacity, fast charging, battery backup and battery life.

iphone battery settings and details

Apple iPhone devices come with a low-capacity battery but are capable of giving enough battery backup for at least one day. This is because Apple has optimized its software according to the hardware configurations to give the best possible battery backup.

On the other hand, Android smartphones are battery-hungry as they have comparatively bigger battery sizes than Apple devices and give less battery backup. This is because Android smartphones are not properly optimized for battery backup.

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iPhone X battery mAh

The mAh is the battery capacity or size measuring unit and the full form of mAh is milliampere-hour. All smartphone’s battery capacities including Android and iPhones are measured in mAh.

Apple’s iPhone X is equipped with 2,716mAh of battery capacity. The battery used in the iPhone X is a non-removable Lithium-ion battery. The battery size of the iPhone X is very less in numbers as its capacity is only 2,716mAh but still, it delivers a good battery life.

apple iphone x wireless charging
iPhone X wireless charging

Battery capacity is the term that determines the total amount of energy stored in the battery and how long it can deliver power to the smartphone to energise it without doing a recharge.

We have already provided all the information about the iPhone X battery mAh above. Now we have provided some additional information about the iPhone X battery mAh.

iPhone X BatteryDetails
Capacity 2,716mAh
Talk time (wireless)21 hours
Internet use12 hours
Video playback13 hours
Audio playback60 hours
Fast-charge50% in 30 min
Wireless chargingYes

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iPhone X battery life

Over time battery usage its capacity decreases, this is due to the chemical reactions that take place inside the Lithium-ion battery during every charge and discharge and this processing of ageing of smartphone battery is also known as battery degradation.

iphone battery health

Generally, the iPhone X battery degrades up to 20% after 500 complete recharge cycles. A recharge cycle is said to be complete when a battery is almost fully charged and then discharged completely.

So you can easily calculate your iPhone X battery life according to your usage and recharge cycles. If your iPhone X battery discharges completely every day and you charge it to 100% then your smartphone battery will complete 500 full recharge cycles in 500 days (1.5years). And your battery will degrade to 20% in 500 days.

Normally iPhone X gives 2 days of battery life for normal users, it may be less for heavy users who do heavy gaming, video editing, photo editing, multitasking and more. So your iPhone X battery should work perfectly fine for at least 3 years.

If your smartphone is more than 3 years old then it may start giving less battery backup as compared to newly purchased devices. So this time you may consider adopting the battery optimization procedures in your iPhone X or you can plan to replace your iPhone battery with a new one.

Increase iPhone X battery life

iphone x battery mah

If your iPhone X is giving less battery backup than your expectations then you can increase the battery performance of your iPhone X by following the below-mentioned practices.

Apple iPhone X battery mAh capacity is less than the Android phone battery capacity. But still, iPhones have much better battery life.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Leaving your smartphone in extremely hot temperatures can degrade its battery life in the long run. You can avoid leaving your smartphone in the car when it is parked outside on hot days and you can avoid using your smartphone for a long time in direct sunlight.

Optimize smartphone settings

Optimizing iPhone X settings to best optimal performance can increase battery performance in the short and long run too. You can keep radios off like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Hotspot and more.

You can also Adjust screen brightness to lower or set it to automatic, enable power-saving modes, disable unnecessary apps auto-launch, uninstall rarely used apps, and manage background app refresh to reduce unnecessary battery drain.

Battery charging cycle

Charging your iPhone X battery to 80% and discharging it to 20% only can increase the battery life of your device. It is proven that if you maintain your battery percentage between 20% and 80% all the time then you will get good battery life in the long run.

Update OS regularly

It is advised that you should update your iPhone X to the latest available version as your device may get the benefits of battery optimizations by the operating system if the update brings the battery optimization with it.

We hope that you have got enough knowledge about the Apple iPhone X battery mAh capacity. Even if you have any questions related to the iPhone X battery mAh then feel free to ask in the comments section below. We are always happy to assist our readers.

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