Original OnePlus spare parts price at service center

Original OnePlus spare parts price at the service center. You can only buy original Oneplus spare parts at the authorized service centers only.

OnePlus is one of the most trusted smartphone brands in the world. It is also known for its innovations. Initially, OnePlus only launched premium smartphones and its first smartphone was OnePlus 1 which was launched at the price of 21,999.

OnePlus gave tough competition to Apple and Samsung in the premium series. Many people showed interest in OnePlus smartphones so it became popular very soon and they also acquired about 40% of the premium smartphone market.

oneplus spare parts

But nowadays OnePlus is losing its popularity across the world and it has also started launching budget series smartphones. And they are not doing any innovation in their smartphones and people have also started ignoring OnePlus smartphones.

If you have a OnePlus smartphone and want to know its spare parts price then you have come to the right place.

In this post, we have discussed the Oneplus original spare parts price at the authorized service center.

OnePlus spare parts price

oneplus spare parts price

We have tried to provide the spare parts price of all the smartphones ever launched by OnePlus. You can even find Oneplus 1 spare parts prices and the recently launched OnePlus smartphone.

ModelDisplay PriceBattery PriceMotherboard PriceFront Camera Rear Camera
OnePlus 1₹6,571₹1,040₹12,616₹886₹2,533
OnePlus 2₹8,874₹857₹14,716₹652₹4,506
OnePlus 3₹6,998₹1,179₹16,649₹667₹2,750
OnePlus 3T₹6,998₹1,179Rom (64GB) ₹16,649
Rom (128GB) ₹19,147
OnePlus 5₹6,398₹1,135Rom (64GB) ₹20,644
Rom (128GB) ₹24,358
OnePlus 5T₹7,635₹1,135Rom (64GB) ₹19,389
Rom (128GB) ₹23,352
OnePlus 6₹7,680₹1,135Rom (64GB) ₹16,553
Rom (128GB) ₹19,808
Rom (256GB) ₹23,581
OnePlus 6T₹7,880₹1,300(6GB+128GB) ₹19,990
(8GB+128GB) ₹19,900
(8GB+256GB) ₹24,000
OnePlus 7₹8,940₹1,300(6GB+128GB) ₹19,500
(8GB+256GB) ₹21,400
OnePlus 7 Pro₹15,610₹1,300(6GB+128GB) ₹20,728
(8GB+256GB) ₹23,129
(12GB+256GB) ₹26,877
OnePlus 7T₹18,000₹1,300(8GB+128GB) ₹21,000
(8GB+256GB) ₹23,000
OnePlus 7T Pro₹15,610₹1,300(8GB+128GB) ₹23,129
(8GB+256GB) ₹26,877
OnePlus 8₹13,500₹1,300(6GB+128GB) ₹21,000
(8GB+128GB) ₹25,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹28,000
OnePlus 8 Pro₹16,300₹1,300(8GB+128GB) ₹25,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹28,000
OnePlus 8T₹13,700₹1,500(8GB+128GB) ₹25,650
(12GB+256GB) ₹28,650
OnePlus 9₹13,700₹1,500(8GB+128GB) ₹26,100
(12GB+256GB) ₹28,800
OnePlus 9 Pro₹17,600₹1,500(8GB+128GB) ₹27,500
(12GB+256GB) ₹30,500
OnePlus 9R₹11,500₹1,300(8GB+128GB) ₹24,600
(12GB+256GB) ₹26,500
OnePlus 9RT₹12,500₹1,500(8GB+128GB) ₹28,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹31,800
OnePlus 10 Pro₹24,000₹1,800(8GB+128GB) ₹34,400
(12GB+256GB) ₹42,000
OnePlus 10R₹7,500₹2,250(8GB+128GB) ₹24,500
(12GB+256GB) ₹29,200
OnePlus 10T₹6,600₹2,100(8GB+128GB) ₹33,500
(12GB+256GB) ₹36,700
(16GB+256GB) ₹37,850
OnePlus 11₹20,500₹1,855(8GB+128GB) ₹36,291
(16GB+256GB) ₹38,462
OnePlus 11R₹13,500---(8GB+128GB) ₹27,800
(12GB+256GB) ₹30,800
OnePlus X(ceramics) ₹6,731
(white) ₹6,678
(black) ₹6,402
OnePlus Nord₹12,999₹1,300(8GB+128GB) ₹14,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹17,000
OnePlus Nord 2₹7,950₹1,500(6GB+128GB)₹20,700
(8GB+128GB) ₹20,900
(12GB+256GB) ₹25,500
OnePlus Nord 2T 5G₹7,800₹1,500(8GB+128GB) ₹19,400
(12GB+256GB) ₹24,700
OnePlus Nord 3₹6,199---(8GB+128GB) ₹22,999
(12GB+256GB) ₹27,999
OnePlus Nord CE₹6,400₹1,500(6GB+128GB) ₹18,000
(8GB+128GB) ₹18,300
(12GB+256GB) ₹21,000
OnePlus Nord CE 2₹6,400₹1,500(6GB+128GB) ₹13,200
(8GB+128GB) ₹13,800
OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite₹3,500₹1,350(6GB+128GB) ₹17,300
(8GB+128GB) ₹17,700
OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite₹6,000₹1,600(8GB+128GB) ₹13,580
(8GB+256GB) ₹16,980

The Oneplus smartphone spare parts price included in the above table are included in all taxes including GST but you need to pay for the service charges on spare parts replaced if your OnePlus phone is out of warranty.

You have to pay for the ₹472 fixed service charge for your smartphone repair if it is out of warranty. But on out-of-warranty smartphone repairs, you need not to pay for the service charges.

Oneplus also charges ₹472 on hardware adjustments and cleaning even if no spare parts are replaced. Service charges are higher for Oneplus smartphones as compared to the other smartphone brand service centers including Samsung.

For more details on Oneplus spare parts price, you can visit the OnePlus official site.

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