Samsung Galaxy original spare parts price at service center

In this article, we have discussed the Samsung Galaxy original spare parts price at the service center including display, battery, motherboard, and battery price.

Samsung is the most trusted smartphone brand when it comes to Android. Samsung Galaxy devices are everyone’s first choice and most Android lovers want to own Galaxy smartphones by Samsung.

Apart from manufacturing smartphones Samsung also manufactures processors, cameras, motherboards, displays for its Galaxy devices, and other smartphone brands.

Day by day Samsung is becoming more popular and launching its smartphones to capture customers from all price segments. Samsung has its M series to capture the low-budget customers, A series to capture the mid-range customer market, and S, Note, Flip, and Fold series to capture the premium budget market.

Samsung Galaxy original spare parts price at service center

Although Samsung smartphones are good some manufacturing defects can be noticed in their smartphones. So for the piece of mind of its valuable customers, Samsung provides one year of Standard Warranty on all of its smartphones.

Samsung mobile original spare parts price

Samsung mobile spare parts prices provided in the tables given below are charged by Samsung authorized service centers at the time of repair.

The Samsung authorized service centers are the only place where you can get your smartphone’s unserviceable parts replaced with original ones.

Samsung Fold and Flip series spare parts price

As of now, Samsung has launched a total of 10 smartphones in its Z flip and fold series including 5 flip and 5 Fold models. Here we have provided a spare parts price table for Samsung Z Fold and Flip devices.

Samsung Fold phones have changed the way of multitasking in smartphones. Samsung offers two large displays in their fold smartphones where you can do multiple tasks at the same time and open many apps at the same time to increase your productivity to the next level.

samsung z fold series smartphones

On the other hand, Samsung Flip devices are very compact size devices and can be placed in a very small place and packed when folded. And they also provide the full display experience when open. They also have a small display at the rear of the smartphone where you can get information related to notifications, messages, caller information, and more.

samsung z flip series smartphone
Model Screen Component RepairDisplay PriceBattery PriceMotherboard PriceFront CameraRear Camera
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip₹24,000₹30,364₹1,187Rom (256GB) ₹19,304₹1,772₹4,477
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3₹16,000₹25,967₹1,571Rom (128GB) ₹25,732
Rom (256GB) ₹25,738
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4₹14,700₹28,614₹2,002Rom (128GB) ₹30,242
Rom (256GB) ₹33,481
--- ---
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5₹5,507₹21,188₹1,513Rom (256GB) ₹27,444
Rom (512GB) ₹29,478
--- ---
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold ₹27,000₹43,255₹1,205Rom (512GB) ₹21,864₹2,129₹5,776
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2₹32,000₹39,029₹2,864Rom (256GB) ₹31,131₹1,687₹4,742
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3₹30,000₹45,798₹1,540Rom (256GB) ₹31,429₹1,756₹1,037
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4₹29,400₹44,755₹1,697Rom (256GB) ₹34,358
Rom (512GB) ₹34,994
Rom (1TB) ₹44,736


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 ---₹41,002₹1,552Rom (256GB) ₹27,879
Rom (512GB) ₹28,514
Rom (1TB) ₹29,490



Samsung S series spare parts price

Samsung S series is the most premium and popular series of Galaxy smartphones. Samsung S23 Ultra is the most recent smartphone from the series and it is also the world’s best Android smartphone ever launched in 2023.

samsung s series spare parts price

Samsung always introduces its newly innovated features first in the S series smartphones. If you want to know the best Samsung smartphone at a particular time then you can check the latest smartphone launched by Samsung in the S series.

ModelDisplay PriceBattery PriceMotherboard PriceFront CameraRear Camera
Samsung Galaxy S6₹5,611₹729Rom (128GB) ₹11,304₹932₹2,631
Samsung Galaxy Edge₹8,811₹1,162Rom (128GB) ₹13,218₹932₹2,627
Samsung Galaxy Edge+₹9,118₹812Rom (128GB) ₹12,058₹948₹2,581
Samsung Galaxy S7₹4,805₹1,365Rom (32GB) ₹11,835₹1,010₹3,237
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge₹12,546₹1,315Rom (32GB) ₹12,852₹1,010₹3,047
Samsung Galaxy S8₹11,058₹1,447Rom (64GB) ₹13,286₹2,026₹2,694
Samsung Galaxy S8+₹11,711₹1,426Rom (64GB) ₹19,356₹1,535₹2,694
Samsung Galaxy S9₹11,437₹1,581Rom (64GB) ₹13,472
Rom (128GB) ₹10,868
Rom (256GB) ₹21,064
Samsung Galaxy S9+₹12,894₹1,710Rom (64GB) ₹14,233
Rom (128GB) ₹11,786
Rom (256GB) ₹14,175
Samsung Galaxy S10₹13,229₹1,102Rom (128GB) ₹17,566
Rom (512GB) ₹26,533
Samsung Galaxy S10e₹8,236₹1,591Rom (128GB) ₹15,718₹2,046₹5,016
Samsung Galaxy S10+₹16,085₹1,041Rom (128GB) ₹17,566
Rom (512GB) ₹22,519
Rom (1TB) ₹33,259
Samsung Galaxy S10 lite 6GB ₹8,753₹1,096Rom (128GB) ₹13,932₹1,606₹4,894
Samsung Galaxy S10 lite 8GB₹8,753₹1,096Rom (128GB) ₹16,496₹1,606₹4,894
Samsung Galaxy S20₹13,484₹1,852Rom (128GB) ₹21,558₹1,865₹6,006
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE₹6,204₹1,705Rom (128GB) ₹13,592
Rom (256GB) ₹17,773
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G₹6,229₹1,885Rom (128GB) ₹15,631₹1,694₹776
Samsung Galaxy S20+₹15,044₹1,551Rom (128GB) ₹18,864₹1,961₹5,819
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra₹22,775₹1,755Rom (128GB) ₹20,557₹1,946₹9,177
Samsung Galaxy S21₹15,377₹1,859Rom (128GB) ₹17,158
Rom (256GB) ₹18,723
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE₹10,771₹1,767Rom (128GB) ₹18,449
Rom (256GB) ₹21,407
--- ---
Samsung Galaxy S21+₹11,599₹1,954Rom (128GB) ₹20,937
Rom (256GB) ₹19,326
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra₹11,599₹1,954Rom (128GB) ₹20,937
Rom (256GB) ₹19,326
Samsung Galaxy S22₹11,666₹1,725Rom (128GB) ₹24,466
Rom (256GB) ₹24,466
Samsung Galaxy S22+₹11,082₹1,867Rom (128GB) ₹28,543
Rom (256GB) ₹29,903
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra₹17,240₹2,117Rom (256GB) ₹34,730
Rom (512GB) ₹36,498
Samsung Galaxy S23₹9,711₹2,123Rom (256GB) ₹26,844 --- ---
Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus₹11,312₹2,323Rom (256GB) ₹26,954
Rom (512GB) ₹28,828
--- ---
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra₹16,609₹2,379Rom (256GB) ₹29,358
Rom (512GB) ₹31,467
Rom (1TB) ₹34,649
--- ---

Samsung Note series spare parts price

Samsung Galaxy Note series was started on 29 October 2011 and discontinued in Dec 2021 after 11 years. The Samsung Note series was a high-end premium series from Samsung. This series of devices included a stylish pen to enhance the user experience and productivity.

Samsung Note series devices were commercially successful large-screen devices. Samsung sold 50 million Note series smartphones between 2011 to 2013. Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphones include software-based features specially designed for stylus and the large screen.

ModelDisplay PriceBattery PriceMotherboard PriceFront CameraRear Camera
Samsung Galaxy Note 5₹5,798₹779Rom (64GB) ₹16,015₹948₹2,412
Samsung Galaxy Note 5- Dual Sim₹9,318₹779Rom (64GB) ₹13,898₹948₹2,412
Samsung Galaxy Note 8₹12,550₹1,738Rom (64GB) ₹16,653₹1,535₹4,929
Samsung Galaxy Note 9₹11,908₹1,865Rom (128GB) ₹11,855
Rom (512GB) ₹26,591
Samsung Galaxy Note 10₹15,601₹1,102Rom (256GB) ₹15,921₹1,983₹6,191
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+₹17,337₹2,053Rom (256GB) ₹17,796
Rom (512GB) ₹23,628
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite₹9,216₹1,789Rom (128GB) ₹12,149₹1,821₹2,990
Samsung Galaxy Note 20₹11,667₹1,549Rom (256GB) ₹20,048₹1,937₹5,114
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G₹18,959₹1,666Rom (256GB) ₹24,391₹1,937₹2,000

Samsung A series spare parts price

Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones are mid-range smartphones and are available in most of the countries in the world. Samsung A series is popular in the offline market and provides good features at an affordable price. Samsung A series comes above the M series.

samsung a series spare parts price

Samsung has launched many smartphones under this series worldwide. Samsung A series was launched on 31 October 2014 with the launch of Galaxy Alpha smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Alpha was a high-end premium smartphone from Samsung with a metallic body and other features.

ModelDisplay PriceBattery PriceMotherboard PriceMotherboard PriceFront CameraRear Camera
Samsung Galaxy A03s₹3,382₹1,557Rom (32GB) ₹6,158Rom (64GB) ₹7,925₹230₹131
Samsung Galaxy A03 3GB₹2,828₹1,557Rom (32GB) ₹5,869 ---₹351₹218
Samsung Galaxy A03 4GB₹2,828₹1,557Rom (64GB) ₹7,962 ---₹351₹218
Samsung Galaxy A04s ₹3,364₹1,704Rom (128GB) ₹4,158 --- --- ---
Samsung Galaxy A04₹2,853₹1,604Rom (32GB) ₹3,110Rom (64GB) ₹3,510 --- ---
Samsung Galaxy A04e₹3,328₹1,718Rom (32GB) ₹6,645Rom (64GB) ₹6,097 --- ---
Samsung Galaxy A2 Core₹1,591₹637Rom (16GB) ₹830 ---₹421₹608
Samsung Galaxy A5 2015₹4,082₹813Rom (16GB) ₹5,507 ---₹405₹1,772
Samsung Galaxy A5 2016₹3,624₹783Rom (16GB) ₹4,317 ---₹531₹1,965
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017₹3,801₹913Rom (32GB) ₹6,978 ---₹1,341₹1,800
Samsung Galaxy A6₹2,833₹1,218Rom (32GB) ₹7,098 ---₹1,418₹1,632
Samsung Galaxy A6+₹4,375₹1,364Rom (64GB) ₹6,341 ---₹2,202₹2,460
Samsung Galaxy A7 2016₹3,932₹849Rom (16GB) ₹5,770 ---₹531₹1,965
Samsung Galaxy A7 2017₹4,337₹1,064Rom (32GB) ₹6,612 ---₹1,341₹1,800
Samsung Galaxy A7 2018₹4,055₹1,452Rom (64GB) ₹7,991 ---₹1,839₹2,977
Samsung Galaxy A8₹5,538₹835Rom (32GB) 7,812 ---₹568₹1,796
Samsung Galaxy A8+₹5,225₹1,456Rom (64GB) ₹7,556 ---₹2,234₹2,260
Samsung Galaxy A8 Star₹6,720₹1,612Rom(64GB) ₹11,786 ---₹2,231₹3,776
Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro₹4,607₹1,572Rom (32GB) ₹7,556 ---₹718₹2,667
Samsung Galaxy A9 2018₹6,027₹1,082Rom (128GB) ₹12,850 ---₹1,982₹4,595
Samsung Galaxy A10₹2,428₹799Rom (32GB) ₹3,829 ---₹477₹817
Samsung Galaxy A10s₹2,681₹1,500Rom (32GB) ₹4,408 ---₹679₹268
Samsung Galaxy A12₹3,119₹932Rom (64GB) ₹3,943Rom (128GB) ₹2,068₹439₹324
Samsung Galaxy A12 4GB₹3,500₹932Rom (64GB) ₹3,676Rom (128GB) ₹4,383₹439₹1,563
Samsung Galaxy A13 4GB₹4,072₹1,536Rom (64GB) ₹4,241Rom (128GB) ₹5,278₹324₹1,296
Samsung Galaxy A13 6GB₹4,072₹1,536Rom (128GB) ₹5,773 ---₹294₹1,296
Samsung Galaxy A14₹3,518₹1,927Rom (128GB) ₹5,814 --- --- ---
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G₹3,353₹1,927Rom (128GB) ₹6,506 --- --- ---
Samsung Galaxy A20₹3,347₹799Rom (32GB) ₹3,423 --- ₹684₹1,579
Samsung Galaxy A20s₹3,477₹1,500Rom (32GB) ₹5,821Rom (64GB) ₹7,654₹642₹870
Samsung Galaxy A21s₹3,500₹932Rom (64GB) ₹1,565 ---₹805₹2,589
Samsung Galaxy A22 6GB₹2,329₹1,233Rom (128GB) ₹6,103 --- --- ---
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G 6GB₹3,935₹1,340Rom (128GB) ₹16,631 ---₹636₹539
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G 8GB₹3,935₹1,340Rom (128GB) ₹18,500 ---₹636₹539
Samsung Galaxy A23 6GB₹3,677₹1,740Rom (128GB) ₹6,433 ---₹294₹554
Samsung Galaxy A23 8GB₹3,677₹1,740Rom (128GB) ₹6,928 ---₹324₹554
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 6GB₹4,067₹1,988Rom (128GB) ₹7,588 --- --- ---
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 8GB₹4,067₹1,988Rom (128GB) ₹8,378 --- --- ---
Samsung Galaxy A30₹3,769₹799Rom (64GB) ₹1,273 ---₹1,032₹1,885
Samsung Galaxy A30s₹4,000₹1,020Rom (64GB) ₹5,370 ---₹1,060₹2,580
Samsung Galaxy A31₹4,290₹1,178Rom (128GB) ₹1,818 ---₹2,317₹2,581
Samsung Galaxy A32₹4,500₹1,233Rom (128GB) ₹6,182 ---₹2,317₹2,402
Samsung Galaxy A33 6GB₹5,784₹1,582Rom (128GB) ₹9,402 ---₹294₹357
Samsung Galaxy A33 8GB₹5,784₹1,582Rom (128GB) ₹9,897 ---₹324₹357
Samsung Galaxy A34 5G₹6,430₹2,213Rom (128GB) ₹12,010 --- --- ---
Samsung Galaxy A50₹4,243₹799Rom (64GB) ₹2,938 ---₹1,594₹2,529
Samsung Galaxy A50s₹4,068₹799Rom (64GB) ₹5,459 ---₹2,013₹3,393
Samsung Galaxy A51 6GB₹5,000₹1,300Rom (128GB) ₹6,289 ---₹1,563₹2,925
Samsung Galaxy A51 8GB₹5,000₹1,300Rom (128GB) ₹6,802 ---₹1,563₹2,925
Samsung Galaxy A52₹6,182₹1,885Rom (128GB) ₹7,899 ---₹1,617₹2,771
Samsung Galaxy A52s₹5,785₹1,885Rom (128GB) ₹11,217 ---₹335₹357
Samsung Galaxy A53 6GB₹5,830₹1,650Rom (128GB) ₹10,519 ---₹335₹357
Samsung Galaxy A53 8GB₹5,830₹1,650Rom (128GB) ₹11,297 ---₹335₹357
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G₹6,191₹2,185Rom (128GB) ₹11,966 --- --- ---
Samsung Galaxy A70₹5,142₹1,178Rom (128GB) ₹9,564 ---₹1,880₹2,906
Samsung Galaxy A70s₹6,083₹1,178Rom (128GB) ₹7,842 ---₹1,880₹4,116
Samsung Galaxy A71₹5,000₹1,298Rom (128GB) ₹10,412 ---₹1,606₹4,216
Samsung Galaxy A72₹6,235₹1,250Rom (256GB) ₹9,215 ---₹1,617₹2,771
Samsung Galaxy A73 5G₹6,567₹1,740Rom (128GB) ₹13,856Rom (256GB) ₹14,845₹335₹357
Samsung Galaxy A80₹7,186₹1,178Rom (128GB) ₹13,900 ---₹6,003₹6,003

Samsung M series spare parts price

Samsung M series smartphones are exclusive budget series smartphones focused on the online market. You will only find the M series smartphones in the offline market in any country. Samsung launched its M series to counter the China-based smartphone brands including Realme, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and more.

Samsung M series is a young series and was started in 2019 with the launch of M10 and M20 on the same day. Initially, Samsung was launching very poor quality smartphones in this series, and after getting many complaints from its customers Samsung has improved its M series and started providing good features and hardware in this series.

We have also heard problems in many M series smartphone motherboards. Many times Samsung M series smartphones stop working and auto restart problems occur.

ModelDisplay PriceBattery PriceMotherboard PriceFront CameraRear Camera
Samsung Galaxy M01₹2,054₹932Rom (32GB) ₹2,174₹348₹1,202
Samsung Galaxy M01s₹2,681₹1,500Rom (32GB) ₹4,119₹679₹1,157
Samsung Galaxy M01 Core₹1,399₹582Rom (32GB) ₹1,842₹1,842₹601
Samsung Galaxy M02₹2,330₹932Rom (32GB) ₹1,867 ---₹761
Samsung Galaxy M04₹3,328₹1,718Rom (64GB) ₹7,059
Rom (128GB) ₹7,699
--- ---
Samsung Galaxy M10₹2,565₹799Rom (16GB) ₹2,452
Rom (32GB) ₹2,452
Samsung Galaxy M10s₹2,498₹799Rom (32GB) ₹2,915₹684₹1,579
Samsung Galaxy M11₹3,204₹1,160Rom (32GB) ₹5,733₹816₹1,195
Samsung Galaxy M12₹2,639₹799Rom (128GB) ₹3,932₹1,563₹291
Samsung Galaxy M13₹3,495₹2,045Rom (64GB) ₹3,495
Rom (128GB) ₹4,478
--- ---
Samsung Galaxy M13 5G₹3,555₹1,845Rom (64GB) ₹6,220
Rom (128GB) ₹6,803
--- ---
Samsung Galaxy M14 5G₹3,492₹2,489Rom (128GB) ₹7,256 --- ---
Samsung Galaxy M20₹3,259₹799Rom (32GB) ₹3,066
Rom (64GB) ₹3,066
Samsung Galaxy M21 2021 Edition₹3,211₹799Rom (64GB) ₹3,937
Rom (128GB) ₹4,454
Samsung Galaxy M21₹3,211₹799Rom (64GB) ₹4,622
Rom (128GB) ₹4,995
Samsung Galaxy M30₹3,380₹1,801Rom (32GB) ₹2,885
Rom (64GB) ₹4,142
Samsung Galaxy M30s₹4,296₹799Rom (64GB) ₹2,929
Rom (128GB) ₹5,728
Samsung Galaxy M31₹3,599₹799Rom (128GB) ₹6,456₹2,013₹3,822
Samsung Galaxy M31s₹4,490₹999Rom (32GB) ₹6,966₹1,564₹2,647
Samsung Galaxy M32₹4,427₹1,367Rom (64GB) ₹3,932
Rom (128GB) ₹5,267
Samsung Galaxy M32 5G 8GB₹3,942₹1,324Rom (64GB) ₹6,997
Rom (128GB) ₹7,815
Samsung Galaxy M33 5G 6GB₹3,920₹2,011Rom (128GB) ₹6,456₹439₹295
Samsung Galaxy M33 5G 8GB₹3,920₹2,011Rom (128GB) ₹7,792₹439₹295
Samsung Galaxy M40₹4,000₹1,100Rom (32GB) ₹6,870₹1,350₹3,123
Samsung Galaxy M42 5G 6GB₹4,135₹1,507Rom (128GB) ₹6,407₹1,678₹631
Samsung Galaxy M42 5G 8GB₹4,135₹1,507Rom (128GB) ₹7,927₹1,678₹631
Samsung Galaxy M51₹6,699₹1,369Rom (128GB) ₹3,147₹1,606₹2,880
Samsung Galaxy M52 5G 6GB₹5,990₹2,031Rom (128GB) ₹14,993₹1,606₹341
Samsung Galaxy M52 8GB₹5,990₹2,031Rom (128GB) ₹14,136₹1,606₹341
Samsung Galaxy M53 5G₹6,124₹1,880Rom (128GB) ₹10,534 ---₹295

Samsung F and other series spare parts price

Samsung F series was launched in 2020 and this series of smartphones are only available in India, Bangladesh, and China. Samsung F series is a mid-range budget smartphone series.

Many times Samsung launches its M series smartphones after rebranding them in F series smartphones. Samsung rebranded M series smartphones in the F series on Flipkart in India only.

ModelDisplay PriceBattery PriceMotherboard PriceFront CameraRear Camera
Samsung Galaxy F02s₹2,717₹1,078Rom (64GB) ₹3,771₹436₹1,152
Samsung Galaxy F04₹3,328₹1,718Rom (64GB) ₹5,211 --- ---
Samsung Galaxy F12₹2,639₹799Rom (128GB) ₹3,640₹439₹1,563
Samsung Galaxy F13₹3,495₹2,045Rom (64GB) ₹3,495
Rom (128GB) ₹3,786
Samsung Galaxy F14 5G₹3,492₹2,489Rom (128GB) ₹7,252 --- ---
Samsung Galaxy F22₹3,786₹971Rom (64GB) ₹3,786
Rom (128GB) ₹4,369
Samsung Galaxy F23 4GB₹3,926₹1,913Rom (128GB) ₹5,946₹296₹596
Samsung Galaxy F23 6GB₹3,926₹1,913Rom (128GB) ₹7,664 ---₹291
Samsung Galaxy F41₹3,599₹799Rom (64GB) ₹5,606₹2,013₹3,822
Samsung Galaxy F42 5G 6GB₹3,935₹1,340Rom (128GB) ₹7,737₹635₹539
Samsung Galaxy F42 5G 8GB₹3,935₹1,340Rom (128GB) ₹9,822₹636₹539
Samsung Galaxy F54 5G₹6,352₹2,541Rom (128GB) ₹11,922 --- ---
Samsung Galaxy F62₹5,599₹1,369Rom (128GB) ₹8,835₹1,628₹2,528
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro₹4,546₹1,034Rom (32GB) ₹7,756₹1,558₹1,900
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro₹5,464₹1,296Rom (32GB) ₹10,079₹1,536₹1,848
Samsung Galaxy ON 5 Pro₹1,004₹637Rom (32GB) ₹2,597₹687₹1,238
Samsung Galaxy ON 7₹,131₹1,008 ---₹405₹1,280
Samsung Galaxy ON 7 Prime₹2,788₹856Rom (32GB) ₹4,864₹1,015₹1,309
Samsung Galaxy ON Max₹3,456₹856Rom (32GB) ₹5,278₹1,167₹1,315

Samsung J series spare parts price

Samsung J series was launched in 2013 and it was an entry-level Galaxy smartphone series. Samsung has discontinued its J series a few years ago.

Samsung J series was popular in India and this series of smartphones had many problems like lagging issues, hanging problems, and more. The Samsung J series smartphones had very few features as compared to other Galaxy smartphones.

ModelDisplay PriceBattery PriceMotherboard PriceFront CameraRear Camera
Samsung Galaxy J2 2015₹1,844₹1,008Rom (32GB) ₹2117₹401₹664
Samsung Galaxy J2 2016₹2,681₹637Rom (32GB) ₹3,099₹463₹795
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro₹1,688₹637Rom (32GB) ₹2,606₹442₹668
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core₹1,785₹637Rom (32GB) ₹1,805₹445₹651
Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro₹1,767₹943Rom (32GB) ₹2,022₹463₹621
Samsung Galaxy J4 2018₹2,678₹1,008Rom (32GB) ₹3,274₹457₹1,219
Samsung Galaxy J4+₹2,530₹856Rom (32GB) ₹2,530₹418₹1,044
Samsung Galaxy J5 2015₹1,950₹637Rom (32GB) ₹2,903₹400₹1,351
Samsung Galaxy J5 2016₹2,201₹739Rom (32GB) ₹3,292₹510₹1,224
Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime₹1,745₹955Rom (32GB) ₹4,202₹417₹1,309
Samsung Galaxy J6 2018₹3,125₹1,231Rom (32GB) ₹6.490₹664₹1,232
Samsung Galaxy J6+₹2,530₹856Rom (32GB) ₹3,870₹677₹1,589
Samsung Galaxy J7 2015₹3,390₹1,008Rom (32GB) ₹3,274₹464₹1,878
Samsung Galaxy J7 2016₹3,066₹1,008Rom (32GB) ₹4,603₹531₹1,254
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime₹2,806₹856Rom (32GB) ₹5,403₹681₹1,309
Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo₹4,403₹1,008Rom (32GB) ₹5,558₹681₹2,032
Samsung Galaxy J7 Max₹3,456₹856Rom (64GB) ₹6,221₹1,167₹1,315
Samsung Galaxy J7 NXT₹2,800₹1,008Rom (128GB) ₹4,603₹464₹1,878
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro₹3,807₹1,159Rom (128GB) ₹5,806₹1,201₹1,232
Samsung Galaxy J8 2018₹4,007₹1,422Rom (128GB) ₹6,301₹1,597₹2,460

Here we have provided spare parts prices for all Samsung smartphones from its different series in different tables.

Samsung Galaxy original spare parts price additional info

NOTE: The Samsung spare parts price mentioned here excludes GST and labor costs. So you need to pay for extra 18% GST and 350 as labor cost at the time of repair at Samsung authorized service centers.

samsung mobile spare parts price


Why should I repair my Samsung phone at the service center?

You should get your Samsung smartphone fixed at the authorized service center only because they have skilled technicians and always use original spare parts to fix the smartphones.

Why shouldn’t I repair my Samsung phone at the local repair shop?

You shouldn’t get your Samsung smartphone fixed at a local repair shop because they always use duplicate spare parts and don’t have access to original repair tools. The technicians at the local repair shops are not well trained and skilled so they may harm your smartphone even unintentionally.

How much Warranty do we get on Samsung smartphones when repaired at the service center?

Samsung offers 90 days of Guarantee on spare parts replaced when repaired after the Standard Warranty period is over. If you get your smartphone repaired under the Warranty period then there will not be any change in the Standard Warranty period.

Where can I get Samsung’s original spare parts?

You can get Samsung original spare parts at authorized Samsung service centers only to fix your Galaxy smartphones. But they don’t sell spare parts separately. Samsung doesn’t sell its original spare parts to local vendors so it is very hard to find the Samsung original spare parts in the local market.

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