iQOO original spare parts price at service center

iQOO original spare parts price at the iQOO authorized service centres. This iQOO spare parts price list consists of display, battery, motherboard and camera price. iQOO is the fastest-growing smartphone brand in India and it is gaining popularity across other parts of the globe.

iQOO is another smartphone brand from the world’s second-largest smartphone brand BBK Electronic. BKK Electronics also own Oppo, Realme, Vivo, and OnePlus. iQOO was launched under Oppo in March 2019 but later iQOO separated from OPPO and now working as an independent smartphone brand.

The iQOO smartphones are very good smartphones and are known for their camera and display quality. For the satisfaction of its customers, iQOO provides one year of standard Warranty on all smartphones.

But physical and liquid damages are not covered under the Warranty. So if your smartphone display gets damaged due to the customer’s fault then he has to bear the screen replacement cost.

iQOO Standard Warranty covers the manufacturing defects only and other than manufacturing defects the customer is responsible.

In this post, we have discussed iQOO original spare parts price at the authorized iQOO service centers. You may get duplicate spare parts for your iQOO smartphone at a very cheaper price but that can ruin your user experience.

iQOO original spare parts price

iQOO original spare parts can only bought from the authorized service centers. If you have a iQOO smartphone with you and it has started malfunctioning then you might require to replace its spare parts to fix it.

We always recommend our users visit the iQOO authorized service center in order to repair their iQOO smartphone and replace the faulty iQOO spare parts with original spares.

iqoo original spare parts price

As we all know iQOO provides free software upgrades, screen guard and back cover for their customers every second Saturday and Sunday. iQOO also doesn’t charge for the labour cost of smartphone repair every second Saturday and Sunday and they say these days as Service days.

iQOO provides special treatment for X, V and premium series smartphone customers so you will face very little or no waiting time at the service center.

ModelDisplay PriceBattery PriceMotherboard PriceFront CameraRear Camera
IQOO 3 (5G)₹9,500₹1,250₹31,000₹650₹1,860
IQOO 7₹6,000₹1,780(8GB+128GB) ₹18,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹20,000
IQOO 7 Legend₹3,000₹2,460(8GB+128GB) ₹23,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹29,000
IQOO 9₹7,500₹2,800(8GB+128GB) ₹23,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹25,500
IQOO 9T₹10,000₹2,960(8GB+128GB) ₹30,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹33,000
IQOO 9 Pro₹10,000₹2,870(8GB+256GB) ₹26,500
(12GB+256GB) ₹28,000
IQOO 9T Legend₹10,000₹2,960(8GB+128GB) ₹30,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹33,000
IQOO 11₹13,000₹2,590(8GB+256GB) ₹30,000₹1,100₹3,400
IQOO Z3 5G₹3,500₹1,670(8GB+128GB) ₹5,500
(8GB+256GB) ₹11,000
IQOO Z5₹4,500₹1,8008GB+128GB) ₹15,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹18,000
IQOO Z6 44W₹3,500₹1,410(4GB+128GB) ₹8,800
(6GB+128GB) ₹9,500
(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000
IQOO Z6 5G₹3,500₹1,590(4GB+128GB) ₹7,300
(6GB+128GB) ₹8,200
(8GB+128GB) ₹8,600
IQOO Z6 Pro₹4,500₹1,860(6GB+128GB) ₹12,500
(8GB+128GB) ₹13,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹16,000
IQOO Z6 Lite 5G₹3,000₹1,410(4GB+64GB) ₹8,500
(6GB+128GB) ₹9,500
IQOO Z7₹3,800₹1,600(8GB+128GB) ₹10,500
(6GB+128GB) ₹10,000
IQOO Z7s₹3,800₹1,600(6GB+128GB) ₹9,500
(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000
IQOO Neo 6₹6,200₹2,170(8GB+128GB) ₹21,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹24,000
IQOO Neo 7₹7,000₹1,150(8GB+128GB) ₹19,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹22,000
IQOO Neo 7 Pro₹7,000₹2,390(8GB+128GB) ₹22,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹24,000
IQOO 9 SE₹6,500₹2,310(8GB+128GB) ₹20,500
(12GB+256GB) ₹23,000

iQOO has launched about 21 smartphones till 2023 so we have provided spare parts prices to all the iQOO smartphones spare parts price including Display, Battery, Motherboard and Camera.

iQOO original Display price at service center

iQOO is known for its good-quality display. Most of the iQOO smartphones are good and iQOO doesn’t launch smartphones quickly like other smartphone brands.

As we all know the display is the most important part of a smartphone so everybody wants to fix their smartphone display at the service centre so that they can again get their previous user experience.

iqoo original display price

You may get a duplicate display at a local market at a very cheap price but the display quality will degrade very much and you will not find good colors in your display.

Here we have provided a list of all iQOO phone display prices at the authorized iQOO service centers.

ModelDisplay Price
IQOO 3 (5G)₹9,500
IQOO 7₹6,000
IQOO 7 Legend₹3,000
IQOO 9₹7,500
IQOO 9T₹10,000
IQOO 9 Pro₹10,000
IQOO 9T Legend₹10,000
IQOO 11₹13,000
IQOO Z3 5G₹3,500
IQOO Z5₹4,500
IQOO Z6 44W₹3,500
IQOO Z6 5G₹3,500
IQOO Z6 Pro₹4,500
IQOO Z6 Lite 5G₹3,000
IQOO Z7₹3,800
IQOO Z7s₹3,800
IQOO Neo 6₹6,200
IQOO Neo 7₹7,000
IQOO Neo 7 Pro₹7,000
IQOO 9 SE₹6,500

If you want to get your iQOO smartphone’s broken display fixed at the authorized service centre then you can do it. The inspection and system maintenance are free of cost and they will not charge you anything if you unwill for the screen replacement of your smartphone after knowing the total price.

iQOO phones original Battery price list

The iQOO smartphones come with a non-removable lithium battery. If your smartphone is not giving enough battery backup then you might want to replace it with a new one.

You need to visit the iQOO service center to get your smartphone battery replaced. If your smartphone is under warranty and the battery has gone faulty then you can claim the warranty and get it replaced at no cost.

But for the repair of out-of-warranty products, you have to pay for the spare parts if replaced and service charges (labour cost) too.

ModelBattery Price
IQOO 3 (5G)₹1,250
IQOO 7₹1,780
IQOO 7 Legend₹2,460
IQOO 9₹2,800
IQOO 9T₹2,960
IQOO 9 Pro₹2,870
IQOO 9T Legend₹2,960
IQOO 11₹2,590
IQOO Z3 5G₹1,670
IQOO Z5₹1,800
IQOO Z6 44W₹1,410
IQOO Z6 5G₹1,590
IQOO Z6 Pro₹1,860
IQOO Z6 Lite 5G₹1,410
IQOO Z7₹1,600
IQOO Z7s₹1,600
IQOO Neo 6₹2,170
IQOO Neo 7₹1,150
IQOO Neo 7 Pro₹2,390
IQOO 9 SE₹2,310

iQOO phones original Motherboard price list

Sometimes we have also noticed that smartphones become dead due to faults in the motherboard. So we know that motherboards in smartphones can’t be repaired at service centers.

Repairing a smartphone motherboard is a very complicated process so service centers directly replace the motherboard if they find some problem with the motherboard.

iqoo original motherboard price

If your iQOO smartphone motherboard has gone unserviceable then you might want to fix it at the service centre because you will not get the original motherboard at a local market.

Here we have provided the all iQOO phone’s original motherboard price list in the table given below.

ModelMotherboard Price
IQOO 3 (5G)₹31,000
IQOO 7(8GB+128GB) ₹18,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹20,000
IQOO 7 Legend(8GB+128GB) ₹23,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹29,000
IQOO 9(8GB+128GB) ₹23,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹25,500
IQOO 9T(8GB+128GB) ₹30,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹33,000
IQOO 9 Pro(8GB+256GB) ₹26,500
(12GB+256GB) ₹28,000
IQOO 9T Legend(8GB+128GB) ₹30,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹33,000
IQOO 11(8GB+256GB) ₹30,000
IQOO Z3 5G(8GB+128GB) ₹5,500
(8GB+256GB) ₹11,000
IQOO Z58GB+128GB) ₹15,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹18,000
IQOO Z6 44W(4GB+128GB) ₹8,800
(6GB+128GB) ₹9,500
(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000
IQOO Z6 5G(4GB+128GB) ₹7,300
(6GB+128GB) ₹8,200
(8GB+128GB) ₹8,600
IQOO Z6 Pro(6GB+128GB) ₹12,500
(8GB+128GB) ₹13,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹16,000
IQOO Z6 Lite 5G(4GB+64GB) ₹8,500
(6GB+128GB) ₹9,500
IQOO Z7(8GB+128GB) ₹10,500
(6GB+128GB) ₹10,000
IQOO Z7s(6GB+128GB) ₹9,500
(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000
IQOO Neo 6(8GB+128GB) ₹21,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹24,000
IQOO Neo 7(8GB+128GB) ₹19,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹22,000
IQOO Neo 7 Pro(8GB+128GB) ₹22,000
(12GB+256GB) ₹24,000
IQOO 9 SE(8GB+128GB) ₹20,500
(12GB+256GB) ₹23,000

iQOO phone original camera price list

As we have already informed the iQOO smartphones are also known for their good quality cameras. So if your smartphone’s front or rear camera has been damaged due to your mistake then you have to pay for it even if your iQOO phone is in or out of warranty.

iqoo original camera price

Here we have provided a table that consists of the iQOO phone’s original front and rear camera price list at the authorized service centers.

ModelFront CameraRear Camera
IQOO 3 (5G)₹650₹1,860
IQOO 7₹1,060₹3,550
IQOO 7 Legend₹910₹2,830
IQOO 9₹1,160₹4,850
IQOO 9T₹1,100₹3,940
IQOO 9 Pro₹1,160₹7,250
IQOO 9T Legend₹1,100₹3,940
IQOO 11₹1,100₹3,400
IQOO Z3 5G₹1,050₹2,100
IQOO Z5₹1,280₹2,490
IQOO Z6 44W₹1,100₹1,440
IQOO Z6 5G₹970₹1,310
IQOO Z6 Pro₹980₹2,100
IQOO Z6 Lite 5G₹460₹1,280
IQOO Z7₹930₹1,570
IQOO Z7s₹930₹1,570
IQOO Neo 6₹980₹2,530
IQOO Neo 7₹1,080₹1,640
IQOO Neo 7 Pro₹880₹2,860
IQOO 9 SE₹1,180₹3,540

We hope that you have come to know about your iQOO smartphone’s original spare parts price including display, battery, motherboard and camera.

The iQOO smartphone spare parts price mentioned here can be deferred from the actual price at the authorized service centers and also depends on the Warranty of the smartphone. If your iQOO smartphone is under warranty then you may get free services like part replacement, smartphone inspection, system maintenance and software abnormality fixing.

If your iQOO smartphone is out of warranty then you will only get system maintenance and product inspection but you will be charged for spare parts and labor costs at the authorized service center.

The iQOO smartphones spare prices mentioned here are the reference price of some spare parts only, you are requested to consult the iQOO authorized service center for the other spare parts price.

You can get your iQOO smartphone repaired at the Vivo service centres as of now Vivo and iQOO have the same service centers across India.

We also have a dedicated post on Vivo original spare parts price at the authorized service center.

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