Apple iPhone spare parts price list at service center

All original Apple iPhone spare parts priced at an authorized service center in India are available in the post.

If you have an Apple iPhone with you and damaged parts then you might be searching for an Apple iPhone spare parts price list of Apple authorized service centers in India.

Apple iPhones are very premium and the most secure smartphone. Apple doesn’t have any budget smartphone series as they only manufacture and release their smartphones for rich people.

So, if you have already purchased an Apple smartphone then you may be a rich person and you can now easily afford its spare parts price cost.

But if you had purchased your iPhone by cutting your other budgets from other things then you might find yourself in trouble. I am sure that you will be surprised to know the spare parts price cost of iPhones at Apple authorized service centers.

Most of the iPhone models are similar except for some features so in the same way most of the iPhone models have almost similar spare parts prices.

If your iPhone is damaged physically and you have not purchased an iPhone care program then you have to pay for the complete spare parts price cost if replaced even if your iPhone is under Warranty.

Because physical damage to the iPhones is not covered under the standard Warranty. There are many programs that cover complete replacement of the iPhone screen at a very low price like Apple Care+.

But you need to subscribe to Apple Care+ while purchasing your iPhone or within 30 days. For more information, you can check the Apple Care+ website.

Apple iPhone spare parts price

Here you can find a consolidated list of Apple iPhone spare parts prices which contains display, battery, back glass, and rear camera prices.

Apple’s spare parts price list contains iPhone SE and above models as iPhones released prior to the iPhone SE are not available on their official website.

We have referred to the iPhone spare parts price list from Apple website so the prices mentioned here are almost close to the prices you will have to pay at the Apple service center at the time of repair.

ModelDisplay PriceBatteryBack GlassRear Camera
iPhone 14 Pro Max37,900₹9,400₹54,900₹25,500₹
iPhone 14 Pro30,500₹9,400₹48,800₹25,500₹
iPhone 14 Plus30,500₹9,400₹16,900₹13,900₹
iPhone 1425,500₹9,400₹14,900₹13,900₹
iPhone 13 Pro Max30,500₹8,400₹48,800₹19,900₹
iPhone 13 Pro25,500₹8,400₹40,900₹19,900₹
iPhone 1325,500₹8,400₹32,500₹13,900₹
iPhone 13 Mini21,000₹8,400₹29,900₹13,900₹
iPhone 12 Pro Max30,500₹8,400₹48,800₹19,900₹
iPhone 12 Pro25,500₹8,400₹40,900₹19,900₹
iPhone 1225,500₹8,400₹32,500₹13,900₹
iPhone 12 Mini21,000₹8,400₹29,900₹13,900₹
iPhone 11 Pro Max30,500₹8,400₹--
iPhone 11 Pro25,500₹8,400₹--
iPhone 1117,400₹8,400₹--
iPhone XS Max30,500₹8,400₹--
iPhone XS25,500₹8,400₹--
iPhone X25,500₹8,400₹--
iPhone XR17,400₹8,400₹--
iPhone 8 Plus15,200₹6,800₹--
iPhone 813,900₹6,800₹--
iPhone 7 Plus15,200₹6,800₹--
iPhone 713,900₹6,800₹--
iPhone SE13,200₹6,800₹--

iPhone Display price

Apple Display replacement due to physical damage is not covered under the standard Warranty which comes with all new iPhones.

Apple has 12 months of standard Warranty on all of its iPhones which covers manufacturing defects only.

iphone 14 pro max display price at apple service center

If your display pixels have been damaged or other things happen automatically due to manufacturing defects only then your iPhone display can be replaced free of cost at the Apple service center if your iPhone is under Warranty.

But if your iPhone screen has become unusable due to physical damage then you have to pay for it and the iPhone display price for all iPhones is shown in the table given above in the post.

If you get your iPhone repaired at third-party service centers then the price may be different. In all cases, you can get your iPhone repaired at a very low price from third-party service centers as compared to authorized service centers.

But most of the third-party service centers use duplicate displays which can ruin your user experience. So, it is your choice whether you want to save money or want a good user experience and peace of mind.

iPhoneModelDisplay Price
iPhone 14iPhone 14 Pro Max37,900₹
iPhone 14iPhone 14 Pro30,500₹
iPhone 14iPhone 14 Plus30,500₹
iPhone 14iPhone 1425,500₹
iPhone 13iPhone 13 Pro Max30,500₹
iPhone 13iPhone 13 Pro25,500₹
iPhone 13iPhone 1325,500₹
iPhone 13iPhone 13 Mini21,000₹
iPhone 12iPhone 12 Pro Max30,500₹
iPhone 12iPhone 12 Pro25,500₹
iPhone 12iPhone 1225,500₹
iPhone 12iPhone 12 Mini21,000₹
iPhone 11iPhone 11 Pro Max30,500₹
iPhone 11iPhone 11 Pro25,500₹
iPhone 11iPhone 1117,400₹
iPhone XiPhone XS Max30,500₹
iPhone XiPhone XS25,500₹
iPhone XiPhone X25,500₹
iPhone XiPhone XR17,400₹
iPhone 8iPhone 8 Plus15,200₹
iPhone 8iPhone 813,900₹
iPhone 7iPhone 7 Plus15,200₹
iPhone 7iPhone 713,900₹
iPhone SEiPhone SE13,200₹

iPhone Battery price

Apple doesn’t publicly share their iPhone battery capacity on their website as they can outperform the competition as Android phones come with huge battery capacity.

Apple iPhones give a very good battery backup even when they have very little battery capacity in mAh. This is just because Apple customizes their iPhone software with hardware. Apple can finetune its software and hardware precisely to get the maximum performance.

iphone 14 pro max battery price

On the other hand, Android smartphones come with huge battery capacity and give average battery backup.

Apple has clearly mentioned on its website that Apple’s standard Warranty doesn’t cover batteries that wear down from normal use. But your iPhone may be eligible for free battery replacement if you have subscribed to Apple Care+ for your iPhone and its battery health shows below 80% of its original capacity.

iPhone 14 Pro Max4,323 mAh9,400₹
iPhone 14 Pro3,200 mAh9,400₹
iPhone 14 Plus4, 325 mAh9,400₹
iPhone 143,279 mAh9,400₹
iPhone 13 Pro Max4,352 mAh8,400₹
iPhone 13 Pro3,095 mAh8,400₹
iPhone 133,227 mAh8,400₹
iPhone 13 Mini2,406 mAh8,400₹
iPhone 12 Pro Max3,687 mAh8,400₹
iPhone 12 Pro2,815 mAh8,400₹
iPhone 122,815 mAh8,400₹
iPhone 12 Mini2,227 mAh8,400₹
iPhone 11 Pro Max3,969 mAh8,400₹
iPhone 11 Pro3,046 mAh8,400₹
iPhone 113,110 mAh8,400₹
iPhone XS Max3,174 mAh8,400₹
iPhone XS2,658 mAh8,400₹
iPhone X2,716 mAh8,400₹
iPhone XR2,942 mAh8,400₹
iPhone 8 Plus2,691 mAh6,800₹
iPhone 81,821 mAh6,800₹
iPhone 7 Plus2,900 mAh6,800₹
iPhone 71,960 mAh6,800₹
iPhone SE1,624 mAh6,800₹

iPhone Battery Saving Tips

You can find plenty of features in your iPhone which are enabled by default and only some of them are useful. So, you can disable the extra features which you rarely use or never use.

Disabling features that are not useful for you can increase your iPhone battery life and backup. You should also consider disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, GPS, and other radio features when not in use.

We have tried to find a few features and services that consume more battery power but are not very useful. So, you can consider disabling all those features from the guide given below in the post.

  • Stop unused System services
  • Disable live location for Widget
  • Disable haptic feedback
  • Disable background app refresh
  • Never kill background apps frequently
  • Disable these services to save battery
  • Use these services

Here you can find the battery replacement price with capacity for your iPhone model.

iPhone back glass price

Apple iPhone’s back glass replacement cost is very high at authorized service centers. If your iPhone back glass has broken due to any reason then it will not be covered under warranty and you have to bear the complete replacement charges.

For Example, if you have an iPhone 13 Pro Max with broken back glass then have to pay 48,800 to fix it at an authorized service center. But you can get your iPhone 13 Pro Max back glass at the cost of 2,349 if you have already subscribed to the Apple Care+ program.

apple iphone 14 pro max back glass price

I think it’s just a monopoly to sell their additional services with their main product, nothing else. By keeping their spare parts price extremely high they are indirectly forcing their customers to buy the Apple Care+ program.

So, it’s become a good choice to subscribe to an Apple Care+ program if you decide to buy an Apple iPhone otherwise you will find yourself in trouble if a mishap happens to your iPhone in the near future.

A list of the few recently launched iPhone back glass prices is mentioned in the table given below.

AppleModelBack Glass
iPhone 14iPhone 14 Pro Max54,900₹
iPhone 14iPhone 14 Pro48,800₹
iPhone 14iPhone 14 Plus16,900₹
iPhone 14iPhone 1414,900₹
iPhone 13iPhone 13 Pro Max48,800₹
iPhone 13iPhone 13 Pro40,900₹
iPhone 13iPhone 1332,500₹
iPhone 13iPhone 13 Mini29,900₹
iPhone 12iPhone 12 Pro Max48,800₹
iPhone 12iPhone 12 Pro40,900₹
iPhone 12iPhone 1232,500₹
iPhone 12iPhone 12 Mini29,900₹

Repair iPhone at service center at low cost

If you are also surprised to check the spare parts price of iPhone devices at the Apple service center then you can do the following steps to repair your phone at a low cost.

When you decide to buy an iPhone you must also think about their Apple Care+ program which covers everything related to your smartphone including damaged screen, battery, back glass, and other parts.

If you subscribe to Apple Care+ while purchasing your iPhone then you will have to pay for the extra charges but it may help you to recover your smartphone from any mishap.

If you want to buy an iPhone without any Apple Care+ program then you must consider buying a good-quality back cover and high-quality tempered glass.

We recommend you use a premium quality back cover and tempered glass with your Apple iPhone. Never ever use your iPhone without both of these if you have not purchased the Apple Care+ program.


Is repairing an iPhone expensive?

Yes, repairing an iPhone is really expensive at the service center as the cost of the iPhone spare parts is very high.

You can even buy a new Android phone or a refurbished iPhone at a similar price to your iPhone repair cost.

For example, iPhone 14 Pro Max display replacement cost at the service center is
37,900₹, battery cost is 9,400₹, back glass cost is 54,900₹ and the rear camera cost is 25,000₹.

iPhones are premium smartphones but are money-burning electronic devices too.

Where can I buy iPhone spare parts online?

Apple doesn’t sell iPhone spare parts online and in the offline market separately. But you can still buy spare parts compatible with iPhones from online and offline markets.

Spare parts available are duplicates and Apple doesn’t recommend using them with their smartphones.

Can I buy genuine Apple parts?

Apple says that they don’t sell their iPhones spare parts separately. So, it is very difficult to find Apple Genuine spare parts online.

If you want to buy Apple genuine spare parts then you can directly contact Apple on their website or business email ID.

Otherwise, you can visit any nearby Apple service center to get your iPhone fixed but spare parts prices at the service center are really expensive.

What parts in an iPhone are worth money?

iPhone spare parts are similar to Android smartphones. Even most of the iPhone’s display is made by Samsung itself.

Apple doesn’t manufacture the spare parts or hardware of the iPhones, most of the iPhone parts are purchased from other vendors.

Apple manufactures only some parts of the iPhone but assembles all of the components used in iPhones at their factory.

Can I sell a broken iPhone?

Yes, you can sell a broken iPhone to other needed iPhone users but make sure you delete all of your data before selling your iPhone as it could be misused.

You can sell broken iPhones to others if your iPhone display is broken and another iPhone user has an iPhone with a faulty motherboard. Then he can buy your phone and make a working iPhone by using spare parts from both of the smartphones.

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