Original Vivo spare parts price at service center

Vivo spare parts price at an authorized service center. Vivo is a smartphone manufacturing brand that has become popular in many parts of the world including India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and more.

The giant tech company BBK Electronics started by billionaire Duan Yongping in 1995 is the parent company of Vivo and many other smartphone brands like Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, iQoo, and Realme.

Vivo is popular in the offline market in India and very famous for its camera and display department. Vivo smartphones have so many camera customization options and skins.

Although Vivo smartphones are good, some manufacturing defects can be found in their smartphones. So for the complete satisfaction of their customers Vivo provides one year of Standard Warranty on all of its products.

vivo spare part price at service center

If your Vivo smartphone has some issues, you might need to fix it at a service center. You have to pay for the spare parts if replaced on physically damaged and out of Warranty Vivo devices at the time of repair.

Before you visit the Vivo authorized service center to fix your smartphone you might want to know the complete repair cost of your device. So in this post, we have provided full details of Vivo’s original spare parts price including Vivo Display price, Vivo Battery price, Vivo motherboard price, and Vivo camera price at a service center.

Vivo spare parts price

The Vivo spare parts price table consists of the details of all Vivo smartphone’s original display, battery, motherboard, and camera prices.

ModelDisplay PriceBattery PriceMotherboard PriceMotherboard PriceFront CameraRear Camera
Vivo S1₹2500₹1340₹8,500₹1500₹1,200
Vivo S1 Pro₹4,500₹1,000₹10,000₹1,740₹2,030
Vivo T1 X₹3,500₹1,450₹7,500₹670₹1,400
Vivo T1 44W₹3,600₹1,590(4GB+128GB) ₹6,300(6GB+128GB) ₹₹970₹1,300
Vivo T1 5G₹3,600₹1,410(4GB+128GB) ₹8,800(6GB+128GB) ₹9,600₹1,100₹1,420
Vivo T1 Pro 5G₹4,500₹1,860(6GB+128GB) ₹13,000(8GB+128GB) ₹13,500₹970₹2,100
Vivo T2 X₹3,000₹1,530(4GB+128GB) ₹7,000(6GB+128GB) ₹7,500₹500₹1,120
Vivo T2 5G₹3,800₹1,590(6GB+128GB) ₹9,600(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000₹910₹1,600
Vivo U10₹2,200₹1,100(3GB+32GB) ₹4,800(4GB+64B) ₹5,500₹570₹800
Vivo U20₹3,200₹1,060(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000(GB+64GB) ₹6,500₹960₹1,290
Vivo V1 ₹800₹660₹5,200 ---₹350₹1,000
Vivo V1 Max₹800₹750₹5,700 ---₹450₹1,000
Vivo V3₹2,690₹760(3GB+32GB) ₹6,700 ---₹600₹950
Vivo V3 Max₹3,850₹870₹8,650 ---₹570₹1,200
Vivo V5₹3,000₹870₹7,200 ---₹1,500₹850
Vivo V5s₹3,000₹870₹8,700 ---₹1,500₹850
Vivo V5 Plus₹5,800₹1,050₹500 ---₹2,900₹1,650
Vivo V7₹3,800₹960₹500 ---₹1,590₹1,080
Vivo V7+₹4,200₹1,000₹500 ---₹1,600₹1,100
Vivo V9₹4,000₹1,030₹7,000(4GB+64GB) ₹4,000₹1,250₹1,050
Vivo V9 Youth₹4,000₹1,030₹6,000 --- ₹950₹1,050
Vivo V11₹3,500₹800₹5,000 ---₹1,380₹1,210
Vivo V11 Pro₹5,000₹800₹9,000 ---₹1,400₹1,450
Vivo V9 Pro₹4,150₹1,030(4GB+64GB) ₹1,800(6GB+64GB) ₹6,500₹870₹850
Vivo V15 Pro(8GB+128GB)₹6,000₹1,120(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000 ---₹2,150₹1,950
Vivo V15₹4,800₹1,090(6GB+64GB) ₹11,000₹12,000₹2,200₹1,290
Vivo V17₹10,000₹1,020(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000 ---₹1,740₹2,030
Vivo V17 Pro₹6,000₹1,190₹12,000 ---₹3,560₹2,480
Vivo V19₹12,000₹1,600₹14,000 ---₹2,440₹2,070
Vivo V20 (8GB+128GB)₹5,000₹1,300₹11,000 ---₹2,200₹3,200
Vivo V20 (8GB+256GB)₹5,000₹1,300₹12,000 ---₹2,200₹3,200
Vivo V20 SE₹4,500₹1,3209,500 ---₹1,680₹1,680
Vivo V20 Pro₹5,500₹1,340₹14,000 ---₹2,890₹3,790
Vivo V20 2021₹5,000₹1,300₹11,000 ---₹2,200₹3,200
Vivo V21 (8GB+128GB)₹5,500₹1,310₹14,000 ---₹2,630₹2,900
Vivo V21 (8GB+256GB)₹5,500₹1,310₹15,000 ---₹2,630₹2,900
Vivo V21e₹5,000₹1,400₹3,500 ---₹1,600₹2,200
Vivo V23 Pro₹9,500₹1,580(8GB+128GB) ₹5,000(12GB+256GB) ₹6,000₹2,250₹3,640
Vivo V23 5G₹7,500₹1,490(8GB+128GB) ₹14,000 ---₹2,250₹2,320
Vivo V23 5G (12GB+256GB)₹7,500₹1,490(12GB+256GB) ₹17,000 ---₹2,250₹2,320
Vivo V23
Pro (12GB+256GB)
₹9,500₹1,580(12GB+256GB) ₹18,500 ---₹2,250₹3,640
Vivo V23e (8GB+128GB)₹4,500₹1,550(8GB+128G) ₹11,500 ---₹1,930₹1,420
Vivo V25 ₹5,000₹1,600(8GB+128GB) ₹13,000(12GB+256GB) ₹15,500₹1,590₹2,530
Vivo V25 Pro₹10,500₹2,140(8GB+128GB) ₹15,500(12GB+256GB) ₹17,000₹1,570₹2,540
Vivo V27₹7,200₹1,980(8GB+128GB) ₹14,000(12GB+256GB) ₹15,500₹1,500₹3,690
Vivo V27 Pro₹8,000₹1,820(8GB+128GB) ₹16,500(12GB+256GB) ₹17,500₹1,460₹3,570
Vivo X5 Pro₹4,200₹660₹6,200 ---₹670₹1,100
Vivo X5 Max₹8,000₹660₹6,500 ---₹510₹1,100
Vivo X21₹8,000₹1,110₹16,000 ---₹1,630₹2,110
Vivo X50₹9,500₹1,200₹16,000 ---₹2,000₹4,000
Vivo X50 Pro₹14,500₹1,200₹19,000 ---₹2,000₹7,200
Vivo X60 (8GB+128GB)₹9,000₹1,250₹21,000 ---₹1,760₹3,350
Vivo X60 Pro (12GB+256GB)₹12,000₹1,260₹24,500 ---₹1,760₹6,830
Vivo X60 Pro+ (12GB+256GB)₹12,500₹1,570₹29,900 ---₹1,870₹9,430
Vivo X60 (12GB+256GB)₹9,000₹1,250₹24,000 ---₹1,760₹3,350
Vivo X70 Pro₹13,000₹1,510(8GB+128GB) ₹18,000 ---₹1,650₹6,900
Vivo X70 Pro+ (12GB+256GB)₹20,000₹1,970₹32,000 ---₹1,680₹10,500
Vivo X70 Pro (12GB+256GB)₹13,000₹1,510₹22,000 ---₹1,650₹6,900
Vivo X70 Pro (8GB+256GB)₹13,000₹1,510₹22,000 ---₹1,650₹6,900
Vivo X80₹13,500₹2,070(8GB+128GB) ₹27,500(12GB+256GB) ₹30,000₹1,600₹4,460
Vivo X80 Pro₹21,000₹2,180(12GB+256GB) ₹33,500 ---₹1,320₹8,140
Vivo X90₹13,000₹3,050(8GB+256GB) ₹30,000(12GB+256GB) ₹32,000₹1,370₹4,500
Vivo X90 Pro₹20,000₹2,700(12GB+256GB) ₹34,000 ---₹1,380₹13,800
Vivo Y12 G₹3,500₹1,160(3GB+32GB) ₹4,500 ---₹660₹950
Vivo Y1s₹1,800₹1,050(3GB+32GB) ₹4,500 ---₹450₹920
Vivo Y01₹3,000₹1,460(2GB+32GB) ₹4,500 ---₹722₹982
Vivo Y02₹2,500₹1,490(2GB+32GB) ₹3,500 ---₹380₹570
Vivo Y02t₹2,500₹1,490₹4,500 ---₹380₹570
Vivo Y3s (2GB+32B)₹2,000₹1,160₹4,000 ---₹490₹970
Vivo Y11 (2015)₹1,000₹450₹1,800 ---₹370₹910
Vivo Y11 (2019)₹3,000₹1,100(3GB+32GB) ₹5,500 ---₹570₹800
Vivo Y12₹1,800₹1,100(4GB+32GB) ₹6,500 ---₹610₹960
Vivo Y12s₹3,500₹1,160₹4,500 ---₹660₹950
Vivo Y12 G₹3,500₹1,160
(3GB+32GB) ₹4,500 ---₹660₹950
Vivo Y12 G (3GB+64GB)₹3,500₹1,160
(3GB+64GB) ₹5,000 ---₹660₹950
Vivo Y15 (2015)₹3,500₹1,100₹3,600 ---₹990₹960
Vivo Y15 (2019)₹3,500₹1,100(4GB+64GB) ₹3,500 ---₹990₹960
Vivo Y15s 2022 (3GB+32GB)₹3,500₹1,460(3GB+32GB) ₹4,800 ---₹740₹1,000
Vivo Y15C₹3,500₹1,460(3GB+32GB) ₹4,800(3GB+64GB) ₹5,800₹740₹1,000
Vivo Y16₹2,500₹1,490(3GB+32GB) ₹4,000(3GB+64GB) ₹4,500₹460₹890
Vivo Y17 (4GB+128GB)₹1,800₹1,110₹8,500 ---₹980₹960
Vivo Y19₹3,000₹1,060₹2,500 ---₹960₹1,200
Vivo Y20₹3,500₹1,160(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000(6GB+64GB) ₹6,500₹660₹950
Vivo Y20i₹3,500₹1,160₹5,500 ---₹660₹950
Vivo Y20A₹3,500₹1,160₹2,500 ---₹660₹950
Vivo Y20G₹3,500₹1,160₹4,000 ---₹660₹950
Vivo Y20T₹3,500₹1,160(6GB+64GB) ₹6,500 ---₹660₹950
Vivo Y21 (2016)₹400₹640₹3,150 --- --- ---
Vivo Y21L₹400₹640₹400 --- --- ---
Vivo Y21 (2021)₹3,500₹1,420(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000 ---₹620₹970
Vivo Y21 Jio (4GB+64GB)₹3,500₹1,420(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000 ---₹620₹970
Vivo Y21e (3GB+64GB)₹3,300₹1,450₹5,500 ---₹670₹1,400
Vivo Y21T (4GB+128GB)₹3,500₹1,450(4GB+128GB) ₹7,000 ---₹670₹1,400
Vivo Y21G (4GB+64GB)₹3,500₹1,160(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000 ---₹620₹1,420
Vivo Y21A₹3,500₹1,420(4GB+64GB) ₹4,000 ---₹620₹970
Vivo Y22₹3,000₹1,440(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000(6GB+128GB) ₹7,500₹460₹1,360
Vivo Y27₹3,000₹1,420(4GB+64GB) ₹4,000(4GB+128GB) ₹4,000₹620₹970
Vivo Y36₹3,000₹1,700(8GB+12GB) ₹8,000 ---₹840₹1,110
Vivo Y71i₹2,000₹800₹1,500 ---₹340₹750
Vivo Y100A₹5,000₹1,660(8GB+128GB) ₹12,000(8GB+256GB) ₹12,500₹930₹1,630
Vivo Y100₹5,000₹1,660(8GB+128GB) ₹12,000 ---₹930₹1,630
Vivo Y56₹3,000₹1,530(4GB+128GB) ₹7,500 ---₹840₹1,120
Vivo Y35₹3,000₹1,640(8GB+128GB) ₹8,000 ---₹890₹1,380
Vivo Y75₹4,500₹1,550(8GB+128GB) ₹9,000 ---₹1,670₹2,190
Vivo Y75 5G(8GB+128GB)₹4,500₹1,410(8GB+128GB) ₹11,000 ---₹970₹1,400
Vivo Y33T (8GB+128GB)₹3,500₹1,450(8GB+128GB) ₹9,000 ---₹1,070₹1,400
Vivo Y33s₹3,500₹1,420(8GB+128GB) ₹8,000 ---₹950₹1,370
Vivo Y53i₹500₹500₹4,300 ---₹420₹700
Vivo Y27L₹400₹640₹400 --- --- ---
Vivo Y72₹4,500₹1,360(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000 ---₹690₹1,630
Vivo Y53s₹3,500₹1,310(8GB+128GB) ₹8,500 ---₹1,060₹2,290
Vivo Y73₹3,600₹1,395₹9,500 ---₹1,050₹2,280
Vivo Y31 (2021)₹3,500₹1,340₹6,500 ---₹670₹1,730
Vivo Y31 (2015)₹800₹640₹3,100 ---₹250₹850
Vivo Y51A₹3,500₹1,340₹3,000 ---₹1,070₹1,730
Vivo Y51₹3,500₹1,340₹7,500 ---₹1,070₹1,730
Vivo Y30₹1,000₹1,290₹6,500 ---₹720₹940
Vivo Y50₹3,800₹1,340₹2,000 ---₹1,230₹990
Vivo Y90₹1,500₹1,050₹3,500 ---₹450₹560
Vivo Y91₹3,300₹1,050₹5,600 ---₹590₹850
Vivo Y91i₹3,300₹1,050₹3,500 ---₹450₹900
Vivo Y93₹3,300₹1,050(4GB+32GB) ₹7,500 ---₹590₹850
Vivo Y95₹2,000₹1,050(4GB+64GB) ₹9,000 ---₹920₹850
Vivo Y81₹2,500₹1,100(3GB+32GB) ₹4,000(4GB+32GB) ₹4,500₹380₹920
Vivo Y81i₹2,500₹1,100(2GB+16GB) ₹4,500 ---₹380₹920
Vivo Y83₹3,000₹500₹5,000 ---₹540₹920
Vivo Y83 Pro₹3,000₹1,100₹2,500 ---₹540₹920
Vivo Y71₹2,000₹1,050(2GB+16GB) ₹5,400(4GB+32GB) ₹2,500₹360₹850
Vivo Y69₹3,200₹960₹6,800 --- ₹990₹990
Vivo Y66₹3,000₹870₹500 ---₹990₹850
Vivo Y55 L₹2,400₹750₹500 ---₹450₹640
Vivo Y55s₹2,400₹750₹6,100 ---₹450₹900
Vivo Y53₹2,200₹760₹4,600 ---₹440₹620
Vivo Y51 L₹2,500₹660₹5,200 --- --- ---
Vivo Y31 L₹2,000₹640₹4,250 --- --- ---
Vivo Z1X₹4,500₹1,170(6GB+128GB) ₹9,500(8GB+128GB) ₹10,500₹1,470₹2,490
Vivo Z1 Pro₹4,000₹1,110(4GB+64GB) ₹7,500(6GB+64GB) ₹8,500₹2,300₹1,270
Vivo Z10₹2,000₹1,000₹8,000 ---₹1,600₹1,100
Vivo NEX₹8,000₹1,580₹22,000 ---₹1,660₹3,560

Smartphones are made by assembling different Spare Parts and all the spare parts have their own importance. If any single spare part gets damaged then, it will affect the overall performance of the smartphone. Some spare parts are a must or very important such as the display, motherboard, and battery. If they get damaged then the smartphone stops working.

This table provides the price of the different spare parts at the authorized service center. The information is updated from the official website of Vivo. This table helps you to make the decision to replace the spare parts of your smartphone at the Vivo service center.

vivo phones user interface

Now, We will tell you about the technologies and importance of different spare parts in Vivo Smartphones.

Vivo mobile Display price

In 2009 Vivo company was founded and the first smartphone that was released by Vivo was based on IPS LCD display technologies. Vivo released back to back many smartphones based on IPS LCD displays.

IPS LCD display technologies were introduced in 1996 and after that, this technology was updated and used on a large scale. In different appliances, IPS LCDs are used in our daily routine used appliances and the major sources are smartphones and televisions.

IPS LCD-based displays are beneficiary for different tasks. Most of the Vivo mid-range and premium smartphones come with AMOLED or Super AMOLED display.

vivo display price

And Vivo low-budget smartphones also come with IPS LCD display. Vivo smartphones come in different sizes and also differ in design and style.

Vivo smartphones also support native dark mode for supported and non-supported apps. Dark mode in smartphones is really a great feature as it can save a lot of battery when enabled.

Dark mode on Vivo smartphones with AMOLED and Super AMOLED displays saves a lot of energy resulting in long battery backup. Nowadays many people prefer Dark mode at night so they schedule the Dark mode at night and Light mode in the morning. So your Vivo smartphone can switch between light and dark mode.

Here we have provided a complete list of Vivo smartphones display prices at a service center.

ModelDisplay Price
Vivo S1₹2500
Vivo S1 Pro₹4,500
Vivo T1 X₹3,500
Vivo T1 44W₹3,600
Vivo T1 5G₹3,600
Vivo T1 Pro 5G₹4,500
Vivo T2 X₹3,000
Vivo T2 5G₹3,800
Vivo U10₹2,200
Vivo U20₹3,200
Vivo V1 ₹800
Vivo V1 Max₹800
Vivo V3₹2,690
Vivo V3 Max₹3,850
Vivo V5₹3,000
Vivo V5s₹3,000
Vivo V5 Plus₹5,800
Vivo V7₹3,800
Vivo V7+₹4,200
Vivo V9₹4,000
Vivo V9 Youth₹4,000
Vivo V11₹3,500
Vivo V11 Pro₹5,000
Vivo V9 Pro₹4,150
Vivo V15 Pro(8GB+128GB)₹6,000
Vivo V15₹4,800
Vivo V17₹10,000
Vivo V17 Pro₹6,000
Vivo V19₹12,000
Vivo V20 (8GB+128GB)₹5,000
Vivo V20 (8GB+256GB)₹5,000
Vivo V20 SE₹4,500
Vivo V20 Pro₹5,500
Vivo V20 2021₹5,000
Vivo V21 (8GB+128GB)₹5,500
Vivo V21 (8GB+256GB)₹5,500
Vivo V21e₹5,000
Vivo V23 Pro₹9,500
Vivo V23 5G₹7,500
Vivo V23 5G (12GB+256GB)₹7,500
Vivo V23
Pro (12GB+256GB)
Vivo V23e (8GB+128GB)₹4,500
Vivo V25 ₹5,000
Vivo V25 Pro₹10,500
Vivo V27₹7,200
Vivo V27 Pro₹8,000
Vivo X5 Pro₹4,200
Vivo X5 Max₹8,000
Vivo X21₹8,000
Vivo X50₹9,500
Vivo X50 Pro₹14,500
Vivo X60 (8GB+128GB)₹9,000
Vivo X60 Pro (12GB+256GB)₹12,000
Vivo X60 Pro+ (12GB+256GB)₹12,500
Vivo X60 (12GB+256GB)₹9,000
Vivo X70 Pro₹13,000
Vivo X70 Pro+ (12GB+256GB)₹20,000
Vivo X70 Pro (12GB+256GB)₹13,000
Vivo X70 Pro (8GB+256GB)₹13,000
Vivo X80₹13,500
Vivo X80 Pro₹21,000
Vivo X90₹13,000
Vivo X90 Pro₹20,000
Vivo Y12 G₹3,500
Vivo Y1s₹1,800
Vivo Y01₹3,000
Vivo Y02₹2,500
Vivo Y02t₹2,500
Vivo Y3s (2GB+32B)₹2,000
Vivo Y11 (2015)₹1,000
Vivo Y11 (2019)₹3,000
Vivo Y12₹1,800
Vivo Y12s₹3,500
Vivo Y12 G₹3,500
Vivo Y12 G (3GB+64GB)₹3,500
Vivo Y15 (2015)₹3,500
Vivo Y15 (2019)₹3,500
Vivo Y15s 2022 (3GB+32GB)₹3,500
Vivo Y15C₹3,500
Vivo Y16₹2,500
Vivo Y17 (4GB+128GB)₹1,800
Vivo Y19₹3,000
Vivo Y20₹3,500
Vivo Y20i₹3,500
Vivo Y20A₹3,500
Vivo Y20G₹3,500
Vivo Y20T₹3,500
Vivo Y21 (2016)₹400
Vivo Y21L₹400
Vivo Y21 (2021)₹3,500
Vivo Y21 Jio (4GB+64GB)₹3,500
Vivo Y21e (3GB+64GB)₹3,300
Vivo Y21T (4GB+128GB)₹3,500
Vivo Y21G (4GB+64GB)₹3,500
Vivo Y21A₹3,500
Vivo Y22₹3,000
Vivo Y27₹3,000
Vivo Y36₹3,000
Vivo Y71i₹2,000
Vivo Y100A₹5,000
Vivo Y100₹5,000
Vivo Y56₹3,000
Vivo Y35₹3,000
Vivo Y75₹4,500
Vivo Y75 5G(8GB+128GB)₹4,500
Vivo Y33T (8GB+128GB)₹3,500
Vivo Y33s₹3,500
Vivo Y53i₹500
Vivo Y27L₹400
Vivo Y72₹4,500
Vivo Y53s₹3,500
Vivo Y73₹3,600
Vivo Y31 (2021)₹3,500
Vivo Y31 (2015)₹800
Vivo Y51A₹3,500
Vivo Y51₹3,500
Vivo Y30₹1,000
Vivo Y50₹3,800
Vivo Y90₹1,500
Vivo Y91₹3,300
Vivo Y91i₹3,300
Vivo Y93₹3,300
Vivo Y95₹2,000
Vivo Y81₹2,500
Vivo Y81i₹2,500
Vivo Y83₹3,000
Vivo Y83 Pro₹3,000
Vivo Y71₹2,000
Vivo Y69₹3,200
Vivo Y66₹3,000
Vivo Y55 L₹2,400
Vivo Y55s₹2,400
Vivo Y53₹2,200
Vivo Y51 L₹2,500
Vivo Y31 L₹2,000
Vivo Z1X₹4,500
Vivo Z1 Pro₹4,000
Vivo Z10₹2,000
Vivo NEX₹8,000

Vivo Battery price

The smartphone battery life can decide your user experience up to some extent. In general, A large battery in a smartphone is capable of giving a long battery life.

Vivo smartphones come with different battery sizes and capacities depending on the screen size and processor used in the smartphone.

The larger display size Vivo smartphones come with bigger battery capacity because long screen size smartphones consume comparatively high battery power.

vivo battery price

Battery backup in smartphones depends on the usage pattern and battery capacity of the smartphone. If your Vivo smartphone is not giving enough battery backup then you can try battery saving tips.

If the battery-saving tips are not working for your Vivo smartphone then you may have to replace it with a brand-new battery at the Vivo authorized service center. So here we have provided a list of all Vivo smartphones battery prices.

ModelBattery Price
Vivo S1₹1340
Vivo S1 Pro₹1,000
Vivo T1 X₹1,450
Vivo T1 44W₹1,590
Vivo T1 5G₹1,410
Vivo T1 Pro 5G₹1,860
Vivo T2 X₹1,530
Vivo T2 5G₹1,590
Vivo U10₹1,100
Vivo U20₹1,060
Vivo V1 ₹660
Vivo V1 Max₹750
Vivo V3₹760
Vivo V3 Max₹870
Vivo V5₹870
Vivo V5s₹870
Vivo V5 Plus₹1,050
Vivo V7₹960
Vivo V7+₹1,000
Vivo V9₹1,030
Vivo V9 Youth₹1,030
Vivo V11₹800
Vivo V11 Pro₹800
Vivo V9 Pro₹1,030
Vivo V15 Pro(8GB+128GB)₹1,120
Vivo V15₹1,090
Vivo V17₹1,020
Vivo V17 Pro₹1,190
Vivo V19₹1,600
Vivo V20 (8GB+128GB)₹1,300
Vivo V20 (8GB+256GB)₹1,300
Vivo V20 SE₹1,320
Vivo V20 Pro₹1,340
Vivo V20 2021₹1,300
Vivo V21 (8GB+128GB)₹1,310
Vivo V21 (8GB+256GB)₹1,310
Vivo V21e₹1,400
Vivo V23 Pro₹1,580
Vivo V23 5G₹1,490
Vivo V23 5G (12GB+256GB)₹1,490
Vivo V23
Pro (12GB+256GB)
Vivo V23e (8GB+128GB)₹1,550
Vivo V25 ₹1,600
Vivo V25 Pro₹2,140
Vivo V27₹1,980
Vivo V27 Pro₹1,820
Vivo X5 Pro₹660
Vivo X5 Max₹660
Vivo X21₹1,110
Vivo X50₹1,200
Vivo X50 Pro₹1,200
Vivo X60 (8GB+128GB)₹1,250
Vivo X60 Pro (12GB+256GB)₹1,260
Vivo X60 Pro+ (12GB+256GB)₹1,570
Vivo X60 (12GB+256GB)₹1,250
Vivo X70 Pro₹1,510
Vivo X70 Pro+ (12GB+256GB)₹1,970
Vivo X70 Pro (12GB+256GB)₹1,510
Vivo X70 Pro (8GB+256GB)₹1,510
Vivo X80₹2,070
Vivo X80 Pro₹2,180
Vivo X90₹3,050
Vivo X90 Pro₹2,700
Vivo Y12 G₹1,160
Vivo Y1s₹1,050
Vivo Y01₹1,460
Vivo Y02₹1,490
Vivo Y02t₹1,490
Vivo Y3s (2GB+32B)₹1,160
Vivo Y11 (2015)₹450
Vivo Y11 (2019)₹1,100
Vivo Y12₹1,100
Vivo Y12s₹1,160
Vivo Y12 G₹1,160
Vivo Y12 G (3GB+64GB)₹1,160
Vivo Y15 (2015)₹1,100
Vivo Y15 (2019)₹1,100
Vivo Y15s 2022 (3GB+32GB)₹1,460
Vivo Y15C₹1,460
Vivo Y16₹1,490
Vivo Y17 (4GB+128GB)₹1,110
Vivo Y19₹1,060
Vivo Y20₹1,160
Vivo Y20i₹1,160
Vivo Y20A₹1,160
Vivo Y20G₹1,160
Vivo Y20T₹1,160
Vivo Y21 (2016)₹640
Vivo Y21L₹640
Vivo Y21 (2021)₹1,420
Vivo Y21 Jio (4GB+64GB)₹1,420
Vivo Y21e (3GB+64GB)₹1,450
Vivo Y21T (4GB+128GB)₹1,450
Vivo Y21G (4GB+64GB)₹1,160
Vivo Y21A₹1,420
Vivo Y22₹1,440
Vivo Y27₹1,420
Vivo Y36₹1,700
Vivo Y71i₹800
Vivo Y100A₹1,660
Vivo Y100₹1,660
Vivo Y56₹1,530
Vivo Y35₹1,640
Vivo Y75₹1,550
Vivo Y75 5G(8GB+128GB)₹1,410
Vivo Y33T (8GB+128GB)₹1,450
Vivo Y33s₹1,420
Vivo Y53i₹500
Vivo Y27L₹640
Vivo Y72₹1,360
Vivo Y53s₹1,310
Vivo Y73₹1,395
Vivo Y31 (2021)₹1,340
Vivo Y31 (2015)₹640
Vivo Y51A₹1,340
Vivo Y51₹1,340
Vivo Y30₹1,290
Vivo Y50₹1,340
Vivo Y90₹1,050
Vivo Y91₹1,050
Vivo Y91i₹1,050
Vivo Y93₹1,050
Vivo Y95₹1,050
Vivo Y81₹1,100
Vivo Y81i₹1,100
Vivo Y83₹500
Vivo Y83 Pro₹1,100
Vivo Y71₹1,050
Vivo Y69₹960
Vivo Y66₹870
Vivo Y55 L₹750
Vivo Y55s₹750
Vivo Y53₹760
Vivo Y51 L₹660
Vivo Y31 L₹640
Vivo Z1X₹1,170
Vivo Z1 Pro₹1,110
Vivo Z10₹1,000
Vivo NEX₹1,580

Vivo mobile motherboard price

The motherboard is a very crucial part of smartphones and it also has various purposes. It also takes input from input sources like a camera, mic, touchscreen, and other sensors and processes it and also provides us output in visual and audible form.

The motherboard is also known as the mainboard in smartphones. Like all smartphones, the motherboard in Vivo smartphones also consists of many components like RAM (Random Access Memory), ROM (Read Only Memory), and Storage (internal storage). Many other components are also connected to the motherboard and use the motherboard as an interface to communicate with each other.

vivo motherboard price

There are many components connected to the motherboard like a display, battery, mic, speaker, charging jack, and audio jack, and many components are integrated with the motherboard itself like Bluetooth, wifi, hotspot, NFC, and other radio signals.

If you are facing critical issues in your Vivo smartphones then you might have to get your device motherboard replaced at the Vivo authorized service center. As the motherboards in smartphones are not repairable at the local level service centers also replace them in place of fixing them.

vivo smartphones performance

We have provided a list of all Vivo motherboard prices at the authorized service centers.

ModelMotherboard PriceMotherboard Price
Vivo S1₹8,500
Vivo S1 Pro₹10,000
Vivo T1 X₹7,500
Vivo T1 44W(4GB+128GB) ₹6,300(6GB+128GB) ₹
Vivo T1 5G(4GB+128GB) ₹8,800(6GB+128GB) ₹9,600
Vivo T1 Pro 5G(6GB+128GB) ₹13,000(8GB+128GB) ₹13,500
Vivo T2 X(4GB+128GB) ₹7,000(6GB+128GB) ₹7,500
Vivo T2 5G(6GB+128GB) ₹9,600(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000
Vivo U10(3GB+32GB) ₹4,800(4GB+64B) ₹5,500
Vivo U20(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000(GB+64GB) ₹6,500
Vivo V1 ₹5,200 ---
Vivo V1 Max₹5,700 ---
Vivo V3(3GB+32GB) ₹6,700 ---
Vivo V3 Max₹8,650 ---
Vivo V5₹7,200 ---
Vivo V5s₹8,700 ---
Vivo V5 Plus₹500 ---
Vivo V7₹500 ---
Vivo V7+₹500 ---
Vivo V9₹7,000(4GB+64GB) ₹4,000
Vivo V9 Youth₹6,000 ---
Vivo V11₹5,000 ---
Vivo V11 Pro₹9,000 ---
Vivo V9 Pro(4GB+64GB) ₹1,800(6GB+64GB) ₹6,500
Vivo V15 Pro(8GB+128GB)(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000 ---
Vivo V15(6GB+64GB) ₹11,000₹12,000
Vivo V17(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000 ---
Vivo V17 Pro₹12,000 ---
Vivo V19₹14,000 ---
Vivo V20 (8GB+128GB)₹11,000 ---
Vivo V20 (8GB+256GB)₹12,000 ---
Vivo V20 SE9,500 ---
Vivo V20 Pro₹14,000 ---
Vivo V20 2021₹11,000 ---
Vivo V21 (8GB+128GB)₹14,000 ---
Vivo V21 (8GB+256GB)₹15,000 ---
Vivo V21e₹3,500 ---
Vivo V23 Pro(8GB+128GB) ₹5,000(12GB+256GB) ₹6,000
Vivo V23 5G(8GB+128GB) ₹14,000 ---
Vivo V23 5G (12GB+256GB)(12GB+256GB) ₹17,000 ---
Vivo V23
Pro (12GB+256GB)
(12GB+256GB) ₹18,500 ---
Vivo V23e (8GB+128GB)(8GB+128G) ₹11,500 ---
Vivo V25 (8GB+128GB) ₹13,000(12GB+256GB) ₹15,500
Vivo V25 Pro(8GB+128GB) ₹15,500(12GB+256GB) ₹17,000
Vivo V27(8GB+128GB) ₹14,000(12GB+256GB) ₹15,500
Vivo V27 Pro(8GB+128GB) ₹16,500(12GB+256GB) ₹17,500
Vivo X5 Pro₹6,200 ---
Vivo X5 Max₹6,500 ---
Vivo X21₹16,000 ---
Vivo X50₹16,000 ---
Vivo X50 Pro₹19,000 ---
Vivo X60 (8GB+128GB)₹21,000 ---
Vivo X60 Pro (12GB+256GB)₹24,500 ---
Vivo X60 Pro+ (12GB+256GB)₹29,900 ---
Vivo X60 (12GB+256GB)₹24,000 ---
Vivo X70 Pro(8GB+128GB) ₹18,000 ---
Vivo X70 Pro+ (12GB+256GB)₹32,000 ---
Vivo X70 Pro (12GB+256GB)₹22,000 ---
Vivo X70 Pro (8GB+256GB)₹22,000 ---
Vivo X80(8GB+128GB) ₹27,500(12GB+256GB) ₹30,000
Vivo X80 Pro(12GB+256GB) ₹33,500 ---
Vivo X90(8GB+256GB) ₹30,000(12GB+256GB) ₹32,000
Vivo X90 Pro(12GB+256GB) ₹34,000 ---
Vivo Y12 G(3GB+32GB) ₹4,500 ---
Vivo Y1s(3GB+32GB) ₹4,500 ---
Vivo Y01(2GB+32GB) ₹4,500 ---
Vivo Y02(2GB+32GB) ₹3,500 ---
Vivo Y02t₹4,500 ---
Vivo Y3s (2GB+32B)₹4,000 ---
Vivo Y11 (2015)₹1,800 ---
Vivo Y11 (2019)(3GB+32GB) ₹5,500 ---
Vivo Y12(4GB+32GB) ₹6,500 ---
Vivo Y12s₹4,500 ---
Vivo Y12 G(3GB+32GB) ₹4,500 ---
Vivo Y12 G (3GB+64GB)(3GB+64GB) ₹5,000 ---
Vivo Y15 (2015)₹3,600 ---
Vivo Y15 (2019)(4GB+64GB) ₹3,500 ---
Vivo Y15s 2022 (3GB+32GB)(3GB+32GB) ₹4,800 ---
Vivo Y15C(3GB+32GB) ₹4,800(3GB+64GB) ₹5,800
Vivo Y16(3GB+32GB) ₹4,000(3GB+64GB) ₹4,500
Vivo Y17 (4GB+128GB)₹8,500 ---
Vivo Y19₹2,500 ---
Vivo Y20(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000(6GB+64GB) ₹6,500
Vivo Y20i₹5,500 ---
Vivo Y20A₹2,500 ---
Vivo Y20G₹4,000 ---
Vivo Y20T(6GB+64GB) ₹6,500 ---
Vivo Y21 (2016)₹3,150 ---
Vivo Y21L₹400 ---
Vivo Y21 (2021)(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000 ---
Vivo Y21 Jio (4GB+64GB)(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000 ---
Vivo Y21e (3GB+64GB)₹5,500 ---
Vivo Y21T (4GB+128GB)(4GB+128GB) ₹7,000 ---
Vivo Y21G (4GB+64GB)(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000 ---
Vivo Y21A(4GB+64GB) ₹4,000 ---
Vivo Y22(4GB+64GB) ₹6,000(6GB+128GB) ₹7,500
Vivo Y27(4GB+64GB) ₹4,000(4GB+128GB) ₹4,000
Vivo Y36(8GB+12GB) ₹8,000 ---
Vivo Y71i₹1,500 ---
Vivo Y100A(8GB+128GB) ₹12,000(8GB+256GB) ₹12,500
Vivo Y100(8GB+128GB) ₹12,000 ---
Vivo Y56(4GB+128GB) ₹7,500 ---
Vivo Y35(8GB+128GB) ₹8,000 ---
Vivo Y75(8GB+128GB) ₹9,000 ---
Vivo Y75 5G(8GB+128GB)(8GB+128GB) ₹11,000 ---
Vivo Y33T (8GB+128GB)(8GB+128GB) ₹9,000 ---
Vivo Y33s(8GB+128GB) ₹8,000 ---
Vivo Y53i₹4,300 ---
Vivo Y27L₹400 ---
Vivo Y72(8GB+128GB) ₹10,000 ---
Vivo Y53s(8GB+128GB) ₹8,500 ---
Vivo Y73₹9,500 ---
Vivo Y31 (2021)₹6,500 ---
Vivo Y31 (2015)₹3,100 ---
Vivo Y51A₹3,000 ---
Vivo Y51₹7,500 ---
Vivo Y30₹6,500 ---
Vivo Y50₹2,000 ---
Vivo Y90₹3,500 ---
Vivo Y91₹5,600 ---
Vivo Y91i₹3,500 ---
Vivo Y93(4GB+32GB) ₹7,500 ---
Vivo Y95(4GB+64GB) ₹9,000 ---
Vivo Y81(3GB+32GB) ₹4,000(4GB+32GB) ₹4,500
Vivo Y81i(2GB+16GB) ₹4,500 ---
Vivo Y83₹5,000 ---
Vivo Y83 Pro₹2,500 ---
Vivo Y71(2GB+16GB) ₹5,400(4GB+32GB) ₹2,500
Vivo Y69₹6,800 ---
Vivo Y66₹500 ---
Vivo Y55 L₹500 ---
Vivo Y55s₹6,100 ---
Vivo Y53₹4,600 ---
Vivo Y51 L₹5,200 ---
Vivo Y31 L₹4,250 ---
Vivo Z1X(6GB+128GB) ₹9,500(8GB+128GB) ₹10,500
Vivo Z1 Pro(4GB+64GB) ₹7,500(6GB+64GB) ₹8,500
Vivo Z10₹8,000 ---
Vivo NEX₹22,000 ---

Vivo camera price

Vivo is very famous for its beauty cameras. Vivo smartphones are very popular among the youth for their advanced cameras. Vivo has optimized its software for camera output enhancements.

vivo smartphones camera interface

Vivo smartphones are the first choice of many girls and boys who are passionate about taking selfies frequently for all of their events. Vivo smartphone cameras and their optimized software increase the beauty of the photographs.

We rarely notice the degradation in the camera quality of smartphones over the years. Sometimes we notice scratches on the camera lens protective glass that can affect the performance of your Vivo smartphone cameras. Otherwise, smartphone cameras don’t face any type of problem.

vivo mobile camera price

Most Vivo smartphones come with a selfie camera and dual, triple, and quad rear camera setup. So all Vivo smartphones have one camera lens at the front (also known as a selfie camera) and at least one at the rear.

ModelFront CameraRear Camera
Vivo S1₹1500₹1,200
Vivo S1 Pro₹1,740₹2,030
Vivo T1 X₹670₹1,400
Vivo T1 44W₹970₹1,300
Vivo T1 5G₹1,100₹1,420
Vivo T1 Pro 5G₹970₹2,100
Vivo T2 X₹500₹1,120
Vivo T2 5G₹910₹1,600
Vivo U10₹570₹800
Vivo U20₹960₹1,290
Vivo V1 ₹350₹1,000
Vivo V1 Max₹450₹1,000
Vivo V3₹600₹950
Vivo V3 Max₹570₹1,200
Vivo V5₹1,500₹850
Vivo V5s₹1,500₹850
Vivo V5 Plus₹2,900₹1,650
Vivo V7₹1,590₹1,080
Vivo V7+₹1,600₹1,100
Vivo V9₹1,250₹1,050
Vivo V9 Youth₹950₹1,050
Vivo V11₹1,380₹1,210
Vivo V11 Pro₹1,400₹1,450
Vivo V9 Pro₹870₹850
Vivo V15 Pro(8GB+128GB)₹2,150₹1,950
Vivo V15₹2,200₹1,290
Vivo V17₹1,740₹2,030
Vivo V17 Pro₹3,560₹2,480
Vivo V19₹2,440₹2,070
Vivo V20 (8GB+128GB)₹2,200₹3,200
Vivo V20 (8GB+256GB)₹2,200₹3,200
Vivo V20 SE₹1,680₹1,680
Vivo V20 Pro₹2,890₹3,790
Vivo V20 2021₹2,200₹3,200
Vivo V21 (8GB+128GB)₹2,630₹2,900
Vivo V21 (8GB+256GB)₹2,630₹2,900
Vivo V21e₹1,600₹2,200
Vivo V23 Pro₹2,250₹3,640
Vivo V23 5G₹2,250₹2,320
Vivo V23 5G (12GB+256GB)₹2,250₹2,320
Vivo V23
Pro (12GB+256GB)
Vivo V23e (8GB+128GB)₹1,930₹1,420
Vivo V25 ₹1,590₹2,530
Vivo V25 Pro₹1,570₹2,540
Vivo V27₹1,500₹3,690
Vivo V27 Pro₹1,460₹3,570
Vivo X5 Pro₹670₹1,100
Vivo X5 Max₹510₹1,100
Vivo X21₹1,630₹2,110
Vivo X50₹2,000₹4,000
Vivo X50 Pro₹2,000₹7,200
Vivo X60 (8GB+128GB)₹1,760₹3,350
Vivo X60 Pro (12GB+256GB)₹1,760₹6,830
Vivo X60 Pro+ (12GB+256GB)₹1,870₹9,430
Vivo X60 (12GB+256GB)₹1,760₹3,350
Vivo X70 Pro₹1,650₹6,900
Vivo X70 Pro+ (12GB+256GB)₹1,680₹10,500
Vivo X70 Pro (12GB+256GB)₹1,650₹6,900
Vivo X70 Pro (8GB+256GB)₹1,650₹6,900
Vivo X80₹1,600₹4,460
Vivo X80 Pro₹1,320₹8,140
Vivo X90₹1,370₹4,500
Vivo X90 Pro₹1,380₹13,800
Vivo Y12 G₹660₹950
Vivo Y1s₹450₹920
Vivo Y01₹722₹982
Vivo Y02₹380₹570
Vivo Y02t₹380₹570
Vivo Y3s (2GB+32B)₹490₹970
Vivo Y11 (2015)₹370₹910
Vivo Y11 (2019)₹570₹800
Vivo Y12₹610₹960
Vivo Y12s₹660₹950
Vivo Y12 G₹660₹950
Vivo Y12 G (3GB+64GB)₹660₹950
Vivo Y15 (2015)₹990₹960
Vivo Y15 (2019)₹990₹960
Vivo Y15s 2022 (3GB+32GB)₹740₹1,000
Vivo Y15C₹740₹1,000
Vivo Y16₹460₹890
Vivo Y17 (4GB+128GB)₹980₹960
Vivo Y19₹960₹1,200
Vivo Y20₹660₹950
Vivo Y20i₹660₹950
Vivo Y20A₹660₹950
Vivo Y20G₹660₹950
Vivo Y20T₹660₹950
Vivo Y21 (2016) --- ---
Vivo Y21L --- ---
Vivo Y21 (2021)₹620₹970
Vivo Y21 Jio (4GB+64GB)₹620₹970
Vivo Y21e (3GB+64GB)₹670₹1,400
Vivo Y21T (4GB+128GB)₹670₹1,400
Vivo Y21G (4GB+64GB)₹620₹1,420
Vivo Y21A₹620₹970
Vivo Y22₹460₹1,360
Vivo Y27₹620₹970
Vivo Y36₹840₹1,110
Vivo Y71i₹340₹750
Vivo Y100A₹930₹1,630
Vivo Y100₹930₹1,630
Vivo Y56₹840₹1,120
Vivo Y35₹890₹1,380
Vivo Y75₹1,670₹2,190
Vivo Y75 5G(8GB+128GB)₹970₹1,400
Vivo Y33T (8GB+128GB)₹1,070₹1,400
Vivo Y33s₹950₹1,370
Vivo Y53i₹420₹700
Vivo Y27L --- ---
Vivo Y72₹690₹1,630
Vivo Y53s₹1,060₹2,290
Vivo Y73₹1,050₹2,280
Vivo Y31 (2021)₹670₹1,730
Vivo Y31 (2015)₹250₹850
Vivo Y51A₹1,070₹1,730
Vivo Y51₹1,070₹1,730
Vivo Y30₹720₹940
Vivo Y50₹1,230₹990
Vivo Y90₹450₹560
Vivo Y91₹590₹850
Vivo Y91i₹450₹900
Vivo Y93₹590₹850
Vivo Y95₹920₹850
Vivo Y81₹380₹920
Vivo Y81i₹380₹920
Vivo Y83₹540₹920
Vivo Y83 Pro₹540₹920
Vivo Y71₹360₹850
Vivo Y69₹990₹990
Vivo Y66₹990₹850
Vivo Y55 L₹450₹640
Vivo Y55s₹450₹900
Vivo Y53₹440₹620
Vivo Y51 L --- ---
Vivo Y31 L --- ---
Vivo Z1X₹1,470₹2,490
Vivo Z1 Pro₹2,300₹1,270
Vivo Z10₹1,600₹1,100
Vivo NEX₹1,660₹3,560

If you want to know the Realme smartphone spare parts price then you can also read our dedicated article on Realme spare parts price at an authorized service center.

Here we have provided the complete list of all Vivo smartphone spare parts prices at the authorized service center. If you still have any questions or feedback then let us know in the comments section below.

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