Original iPhone 12 battery replacement cost at Apple stores

The iPhone 12 battery replacement cost is higher than the battery replacement cost in Android smartphones. iPhone smartphones are very costly than other smartphones available in the market.

Apple’s iPhone 12 is the flagship smartphone and is very popular among the youth across the world. Among its many features, the iPhone 12 battery is also the most discussed topic and many of us want to optimize the battery to provide the best ever battery backup without compromising with the performance of the smartphone.

If your iPhone 12 is giving less battery backup then you can try to optimize it to give the best possible battery backup. But in case the battery health is showing less than 80% under the battery settings then you have to replace its existing battery with the new one.

So you might want to get your iPhone 12 battery replaced with an original one and we are always sure the original Apple spare parts are exclusively available on the Apple store or service centers only.

In this post, we have discussed about the iPhone 12 battery replacement cost at the authorized Apple service center.

iPhone 12 battery replacement cost

The original iPhone 12 battery replacement cost at the Apple service center is ₹8,800. You may get your smartphone battery replacement free of cost if you have purchased an AppleCare+ for your iPhone and it is showing battery health less than 80%.

iphone 12 original battey price

You may also get your iPhone 12 battery replace at a lower price on local repair shops but they don’t have original battery with them.

And replacing your iPhone 12 battery with duplicate battery can degrade the performance of your device on some ocassions.

We always recommed to get your iPhone devices fixed at the authorized service centers only. Apple also provides 90 days Guaruntee on spare parts replaced at the service center. So if the same problem again comes within 90 days then you will get it fixed free of cost at the service center.

Increase battery life in iPhone 12

There are many ways to increase the battery life for iPhone 12. You can try to follow the give below best practices to get the best possible battery performance without compromising with the overall performance.

Update iOS on regular basis

We recommend all iPhone 12 users to keep their Apple device up to date. Becuase Apple fixes many known bugs with every iOS update. Many of the problems get automatically resolved with iOS updates.

Keep radio and location service off

Many of the wireless services like Bluetooth, WiFi, Hotspot and GPS drain high amount of battery. Keeping these wireless services always on can lead to drops in battery health of your iPhone 12. So we always recommend to keep these services off when not in use.

Screen brightness and timeout

Keeping brightness at the maximum level can also drain huge amount of battery. So you should set your iPhone 12 brightness to automatic so it can adjust according to the surrounding lighting conditions.

And you should also set screen timeout to least possible time like you can set it to 30 seconds or less if possible.

Uninstall less used apps

Many apps try to run in the background even when not in use. If you have many apps installed in your iPhone 12 and you rarely used them then you can consider uninstalling most of them.

Use low power mode

The Low Power Mode can significantly increase the iPhone 12 battery life. As the low power mode reduces background activity, mail fetch, visual effects, and automatic downloads in the background. And it also ensures your device only conserves the power when you need it most.

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