Apple iPhone XS battery mAh capacity

Apple iPhone XS battery mAh capacity with backup details is available here. iPhone XS battery gives 2 hours more backup than its previously launched iPhone X smartphones.

Apple has increased the mAh capacity in its iPhone XS device. Apple XS was announced on 12 Sep 2018 and it was made available publically on 21 Sep 2018 across the entire globe.

iPhone XS model A2097 is the Global variant whereas model A1920 is for the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Apple’s iPhone XS A2100 version is for China and Hong Kong.

apple iphone xs battery mah capacity

On Apple’s website, the iPhone XS battery mAh capacity is not mentioned anywhere. This is just because the Apple iPhone comes with very little battery mAh capacity as compared to Android devices.

But Apple devices give enough or even more battery backup than other brands of Android devices this is just because Apple has optimized its hardware and software properly.

On the other hand Android operating system as well as Android apps are battery and resource-hungry so they drain batteries very fast and require high-end hardware to work as compared to iOS devices like iPhones.

Apple iPhone XS battery mAh

The Apple iPhone XS has a 2658 mAh non-removable Li-Ion battery. It could be a very small battery in mAh but sufficient to energize the iPhone XS for a complete day.

You will never find an iPhone XS smartphone out of battery in a single day’s use. And this is just because iPhones are not battery-hungry.

iPhone XS supports fast charging with an 18W or higher adaptor and it can be charged up to 50% in just 30 minutes with Apple or another compatible charger.

Apple’s iPhone XS also supports wireless charging so you can charge it using a wired or Apple’s wireless charger.

iPhone XS battery life

The iPhone XS has a slightly bigger battery than the iPhone X and Lasts up to 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X.

iPhone XS gives a decent battery backup in day-to-day usage. Apple iPhones generally have good battery life and last for years.

iphone xs

Generally, the iPhone XS battery life is about 5 years but it depends on the usage pattern and charging cycles of the device.

Most of the Li-ion batteries used in smartphones support approximately 500 complete charging cycles with up to 20% degradation in battery life. A single charging cycle is known to be completed when your battery drains below 20% and then charged to above 80%.

So for heavy users, the smartphone battery life will be less, and normal users will have a longer battery life. A heavy user will generally charge every day or a few times a day but a normal user will charge their iPhone XS in 2-3 days so it will have comparatively fewer charging cycles.

iPhone XS BatteryDetails
Capacity2658 mAh
Talk time (wireless)20 hours
Internet use12 hours
Video playback14 hours
Audio playback60 hours
Fast-charge50% in 30 min
Wireless chargingYes,
works with Qi chargers

If you want to know the battery price of the iPhone X at Apple’s authorized service center then you can read our dedicated post on Apple iPhone spare parts price list.

Increase iPhone XS battery life

iphone x battery mah

If your Apple iPhone XS has started giving less battery backup then you can enhance the battery performance of your iPhone XS by following the below-mentioned practices.

Apple iPhone XS battery mAh capacity is less than the Android phone battery capacity. But still, iPhones have much better battery life.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Leaving your smartphone in extremely hot temperatures can degrade its battery life in the long run. You can avoid leaving your smartphone in the car when it is parked outside on hot days and you can avoid using your smartphone for a long time in direct sunlight.

Optimize smartphone settings

Optimizing iPhone XS settings to best optimal performance can increase battery performance in the short and long run too. Try to keep radios OFF when not in use like you can disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Hotspot when you are not using them.

You can also Adjust screen brightness to lower or set it to automatic, enable power-saving modes, disable unnecessary apps auto-launch, uninstall rarely used apps, and manage background app refresh to reduce unnecessary battery drain.

Battery charging cycle

Maintaining your iPhone XS battery power between 20% to 80% can help to increase the battery backup in the long run. It is proven that if you maintain your battery percentage between 20% and 80% all the time then you will get good battery life in the long run.

Update OS regularly

It is advised that you should update your iPhone XS to the latest version as your device may get the benefits of battery optimizations by the operating system if the update brings the battery optimization with it.

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