Oppo F11 Pro original display price in service center

Oppo F11 Pro was launched in March 2019 and people are still using the smartphone. In this post, we have discussed Oppo F11 Pro original Display price in the service center.

If you have an Oppo F11 Pro with you and its screen is not responding or broken due to physical or liquid damage then you may be facing difficulties in using it.

In this case, you might want to replace your Oppo F11 Pro display with the original one at the best price. The authorized Oppo service centers are the only place where you can get fixed your Oppo F11 Pro display with the original one but you may have to bear high screen replacement costs here.

oppo f11 pro design

You may get fixed your Oppo F11 Pro display fixed at a local repair shop, third-party service centers and online mobile repair websites too but we never recommend you any of these.

Oppo F11 Pro Display

Oppo F11 Pro features 6.5 inches (16.5cm) Full HD+ large display with a screen resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels. It has a pixel density of 397ppi and is capable to produce up to 16M colours.

oppo f11 pro display size

The F11 Pro features a Panoramic Screen design with a 90.90% screen ratio. The uninterrupted screen space makes for ultimate viewing pleasure and It utilizes a TFT-LTPS panel, which offers good colour reproduction and wide viewing angles.

The TFT-LTPS screen technology was widely used in recent past years but the latest and improved screen technology like IPS LCD, AMOLED and Super AMOLED display technologies have replaced TFT-LTPS smartphone screen technology.

The IPS LCD, AMOLED and Super AMOLED screens have improved performance and viewing angles as compared to TFT-LTPS technology. But still, many smartphone brands are using TFT-LTPS screen technology in their smartphone devices.

oppo f11 pro display

TFT-LTPS display in Oppo F11 Pro also provides satisfactory results and good performance.

On the other hand, Super AMOLED is the latest screen technology and is the improved version of previously launched AMOLED technology.

The Super AMOLED screen types provide the best viewing angles, contrast and visual characteristics. These types of displays also provide true dark colour and can help to improve the battery life in dark mode.

The key features of the Oppo F11 Pro display are shown in the table given below:

Oppo F11 ProDetails
Display Size6.5inches (16.5cm)
Resolution2340 x 1080 pixels
Pixel Density397 ppi
Screen Ratio90.9%
Contrast1500:1 (TYP)
TouchscreenMultitouch, capacitive

Oppo F11 Pro display price

Smartphone screen replacement cost varies on authorized service centers, local repair shops and third-party service centers. This is because they use different quality displays to fix broken or damaged screens.

The experience and skill of technicians at different types of smartphone repair stores have different skills. Technicians at authorized service centers are experienced and skilled as compared to third-party repair shops and they also use ethical and proper solutions to fix smartphones.

oppo f11 pro original display price

Here we have provided the Oppo F11 Pro screen price at all types of service centers and local repair shops. You can refer to our screen replacement table for Oppo 11 Pro.

F11 Pro DisplayPrice
Oppo Service Center10,285₹
Third-party service center
Local repair shop
(First copy)

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Oppo F11 Pro original display price at authorized service center

The price of the original Oppo F11 Pro display at the authorized service center is 9,990₹ and the total screen replacement cost is 10,285₹ which is the sum of spare part cost and service fees.

You can get fixed your Oppo F11 Pro display at authorized Oppo service centers. You will get the original display at authorized service centers only.

You will also get 90 days of guarantee on display at the authorized service center and they will also replace your broken or damaged screen with the original one.

Oppo F11 Pro screen replacement cost at third party service center

The Oppo F11 Pro display replacement cost at third-party service centers is around 4000₹. If you get fixed your smartphone display with a duplicate one then the combo costs about 2500₹ in India.

Third-party repair centers and local repair shops don’t provide a single-day guarantee on spare parts replaced. If you repair your smartphone at these repair shops and it gets damaged immediately after you exit the shop then they will again charge you to repair it.

So You may be thinking to get fixed your Oppo F11 Pro display at a local repair shop or third-party service centers.



Why mobile should be repaired at the service center only

You that may be thinking to get your Oppo F11 Pro to display fixed at the local repair shop, online mobile repair stores and third-party service centers. Because you may get huge discounts at these repair shops and you can save your hard-earned money.

But you may find yourself in trouble after a few days because you are not sure about the work and spare parts quality being used in these types of repair shops.

Here we have tried to explain a few reasons that describe why you should get your mobile fixed at authorized service centers only:

  • Authorized service centers technicians have expertise and technical knowledge.
  • They use genuine spare parts and tools required to repair smartphones.
  • It will not impact your device Warranty and it will continue as usual.
  • Service centers may provide you with additional software and firmware updates if available.
  • Authorized service centers are well-established and reputed centers.
  • Most of the time they follow ethical practices, safeguard your personal data, and provide satisfactory customer service.
  • For out of Warranty repairs they provide additional 90 days of Warranty on spare parts replaced.
  • They will only provide you with official and genuine guides and suggestions.

We hope that you have found this article helpful to you, but if you still have any questions or feedback then let us know in the comment section below.

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