Oppo F15 original display price in service center

If you are having an Oppo F15 smartphone with you and having display-related problems with it then you may have to replace its display because displays are irreparable and they need to be replaced. So in this post, we have discussed Oppo F15 original display price in the service center.

Oppo F15 was launched in January 2020 across the world. It is really a nice smartphone and is liked by many people. It was one of the best-selling smartphones in 2020 by Oppo.

oppo f15 display

Most of the Oppo smartphones are camera-centric smartphones and a good display is also required to produce the best contrast, saturation, colours and brightness for photos and videos captured by the smartphone.

So Oppo devices also have great displays with good quality camera sensors, they also have optimized their software to capture the best photographs and record amazing videos.

Oppo F15 display

The Oppo F15 features a 6.4 inches FHD+ AMOLED display with pixels resolutions of 2400×1080. It also has a pixel density of approximately 408PPI (Pixels Per Inch).

oppo f15 original display price

Oppo F15 offers an immersive visual experience with vibrant colours and sharp details as AMOLED displays have great advantages over normal IPS LCD displays. The AMOLED display technology used in the Oppo F15 ensures deep blacks, high contrast ratios, and excellent colour reproduction.

The F15’s display also incorporates a waterdrop notch design, which houses the front-facing camera discreetly, allowing for a larger usable screen area. This design choice enhances the immersive viewing experience by minimizing distractions and maximizing the available screen of real estate.

The OPPO F15 display also supports features like Dark Mode by taking advantage of the AMOLED display technology that has the ability to turn off individual pixels to achieve deep blacks, reducing eye strain and saving battery life.

oppo f15 display with amoled

The F15 display also offers an in-display fingerprint sensor that provides convenient and secure biometric authentication.

Oppo F15 Display specifications

Here we have provided the Oppo F15 Display specifications with complete details.

Oppo F15Details
Display TechnologyAMOLED
Display Size6.4 inches
16.2 cm
Pixel Density408PPI
QualityFull HD
Colors16 million
FeaturesMulti-touch, Capacitive
In-display fingerprint sensor

In-display fingerprint sensor

Only AMOLED and the latest display technology support an in-display fingerprint sensor so taking advantage of AMOLED display Oppo F15 also offers an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The in-display fingerprint sensor is used for biometric authentication and it is a great way to unlock your device securely and conveniently. It also looks nice when you unlock your device by just clicking on your display at the fingerprint sensor location.

oppo f15 in-display fingerprint sensor

The in-display fingerprint sensor eliminates the requirement for a physical button or sensor at the rear of the display. It is very easy to locate in-display fingerprint sensors at night too because they glow at night or dim lights when you just shake your phone.

Oppo F15 Display price

The Oppo F15’s original display costs 4,290₹ at the authorised service centre and the total cost of replacing the display with all fees including GST and labour cost is 4,585₹.

The display price also includes GST and other fees, however, Oppo charges an extra 295₹ for labour when a part needs to be changed in an out-of-warranty smartphone.

Oppo F15Price
Display (Part)4,290₹
Service Charge295₹
Display replacement cost4,585₹

We always recommend our readers to get fixed their smartphones at authorized service centers only. As service centers are the only place where you can get original spare parts.

It is very difficult to find original spare parts for any smartphone at local repair shop or third party service centers as Oppo doesn’t sell its smartphones spare parts separately.

Oppo also offers 90 days of limited Warranty on parts replaced for out of warranty products also. So if the same problem occurs within the 90 days then they will fix it at free of cost.

If you want to know about other Oppo devices spare parts then you can refer our dedicated article on Oppo F17 Pro spare parts price at authorized service center.

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