Oppo A71 Battery price & model number at service center

In this article, we have discussed the Oppo A71 Battery price at the service center. We also have provided information on the Oppo A71 battery model number and capacity in mAh.

Oppo A71 was launched on 07 Sep 2017, so it has passed almost 6 years after its launch date. I am surprised that people are still using the Oppo A71 smartphone in 2023.

But it is obvious that smartphones start lagging, malfunctioning and also give less battery backup after a certain period of time. Most smartphones work fine for 3-5 years.

Software updates and Android upgrades also slow down smartphones after a certain period of time. As more and more features are being added to the apps so they got bulkier than ever and require high resources to work properly.

Oppo A71 was a good smartphone with good built quality and high performance. So if your Oppo A71 smartphone is not giving good battery backup then you might be searching for the Oppo A71 battery replacement cost at Oppo service center.

Oppo A71 Battery

Here we have provided the Oppo A71 original battery price at the Oppo service center and local repair shops.

We have also provided the Oppo A71 battery capacity in mAh, model number and best place to buy the battery in this post.

If your Oppo A71 is giving less battery backup then might want to update its firmware to the latest version. You can download the Oppo A71 firmware from their official website.

oppo a71 battery model number & capacity in mAh

Oppo A71 battery capacity in mAh

Oppo A71 was launched with a battery capacity of 3,000mAh battery backup. Oppo A71 supports 3,000mAh non-removable Li-ion battery.

The 3,000mAh battery capacity is very low for smartphones in 2023 but it was good enough to energise the smartphones in 2017.

If you get full-day battery backup from a 3,000mAh Oppo original battery in the Oppo A71 smartphone. Nowadays smartphones have come with huge battery sizes, and most Android phones come with 4,000mAh to 6,000mAh battery capacity.

Oppo A71 Battery price

The Oppo A71 battery cost at the authorized service center is 600₹ without service charges and the total battery replacement cost for Oppo A71 is 895₹.

The battery replacement cost includes the battery price and service charges. Oppo charges a fixed service charge of 295₹ on all out of Warranty repairs where any spare part is replaced.

Oppo A71 batteryDetails
Battery Price600₹
Replacement cost895₹
Model numberBLP641

You might want to know the Oppo A3s battery price and other details from our dedicated post.

Oppo A71 battery model number

The battery model number for the Oppo A5s is BLP641, and its capacity is 3,000mAh. If the battery needs to be replaced, be sure to get a compatible BLP641 battery from a nearby repair shop or independent service centre.

You can also repair your smartphone battery at an authorised Oppo service station. To ensure compatibility and best performance, always use authentic or certified batteries.

Best place to get Oppo A71 battery fixed

There are four ways to fix an Oppo A71 smartphone battery. You can get your Oppo A71 battery replaced at the authorized service center, local repair shop, third-party service center and at home.

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Oppo A71 Battery

Oppo service center: As Oppo A71 is an old smartphone so it is very hard to find its spare parts at Oppo service center and market too. Most of the time smartphone brands discontinue manufacturing of spare parts for old smartphones.

So it is obvious that you may find difficulties in getting your Oppo A71 smartphone battery fixed at an authorized service center. But if you get an offer to fix your smartphone battery at the Oppo service center at a price of 895 then it’s Ok, and you may go for it.

Fix smartphone battery at home: If you have some technical knowledge and access to smartphone repair tools then fixing your smartphone battery at home may be a good option as you can save some money by doing this.

But if you don’t have any technical knowledge and trying to replace your smartphone battery first time then it may be difficult for you and you should acquire some knowledge first before opening your smartphone at home as it may damage your smartphone.

Third-Party service center: If you have less budget and you get a good offer from any third-party service center then you may go for it. But we never recommend our readers get their fixed smartphones at third-party service centers.

Local repair shops: There are so many local repair shops around us and most of the technician at smartphone repair shops are untrained and use duplicate parts. Because local repair shops rarely use original or good-quality spare parts to fix smartphones.

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