Realme motherboard price

Realme motherboard price list at authorized Realme service centers. We have provided a motherboard price list of all Realme smartphones ever released. The motherboard in smartphones is also known as the mainboard.

Realme is one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands in India and other parts of the world. Most of the Realme smartphones are equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor however some Realme phones come with MediaTek processor.

Although Realme smartphones are very good and have a power-efficient and long-lasting motherboard (mainboard), still some manufacturing defects are found in their smartphones. Not only Realme but all smartphone brands have some manufacturing defects so they all provide one year of standard Warranty on their products.

realme motherboard price

Realme is gaining popularity in India and developing countries because it provides feature-rich smartphones based on the latest technology at a very competitive price.

So this strategy of Realme is working well and Realme is able to attract more and more people to buy their products, especially smartphones.

In this article, we have discussed all Realme phone’s motherboard prices with their storage variants.

For more details on spare parts, you can read our dedicated post on Spare Part Price.

Realme motherboard price

We have provided a Realme motherboard price table below in this post. The Realme motherboard price table consists of a list of all realme phone’s motherboard prices.

ModelMotherboard PriceMotherboard price
Realme 1(3GB+32GB) ₹1,299(4GB+64GB) 1,990
Realme 2(3GB+32GB) ₹950(4GB+64GB) 5202
Realme 2 Pro(4GB+64GB) ₹3,375(6GB+64GB) 6525
Realme 3(3GB+32GB) ₹2,646(4GB+64GB) 3510
Realme 3 Pro(4GB+64GB) ₹5,780(6GB+128GB) 7650
Realme 3i(3GB+32GB) ₹2,730(4GB+64GB) 3375
Realme 5(3GB+32GB) ₹3,510(4GB+64GB) 3600
Realme 5 Pro(4GB+128GB) ₹8,400(4GB+64GB) 3120
Realme 5i(4GB+128GB) ₹4,095(4GB+64GB) 2142
Realme 5s(4GB+128GB) ₹3,698(4GB+64GB) 5190
Realme 6(6GB+64GB) ₹2,168(4GB+64GB) 1560
Realme 6 Pro(6GB+64GB) ₹2,994(6GB+128GB) 3650
Realme 6i(4GB+64GB) ₹2,713(6GB+64GB) 3606
Realme 7(6GB+64GB) ₹4,088(8GB+128GB) 5798
Realme 7 Pro(8GB+128GB) ₹5,041(6GB+128GB) 5015
Realme 7i(4GB+64GB) ₹3,485(4GB+128GB) 4675
Realme 8(4GB+128GB) ₹4,024(6GB+128GB) 4208
Realme 8 5G(4GB+128GB) ₹3,483(4GB+64GB) 3078
Realme 8 Pro(6GB+128GB) ₹6,688(8GB+128GB) 6480
Realme 8i(6GB+128GB) ₹8,499(4GB+64GB) 4781
Realme 8s 5G(6GB+128GB) ₹7,725(8GB+128GB) 8250
Realme 9(6GB+128GB) ₹9,250(8GB+128GB) 9850
Realme 9 5G(6GB+128GB) ₹10,999(4GB+64GB) 8999
Realme speed Edition(6GB+128GB) ₹12,999(8GB+128GB) 13999
Realme 9 Pro 5G(6GB+128GB) ₹11,490(4GB+128GB) 10490
Realme 9 Pro+ 5G(6GB+128GB) ₹13,990(8GB+128GB) 14091
Realme 9i(4GB+64GB) ₹7,599(6GB+128GB) 8599
Realme 9i 5G(4GB+64GB) ₹7,999(6GB+128GB) 8999
Realme 10 4G(4GB+64GB) ₹7,699(8GB+128GB) 8699
Realme 10 Pro 5G(6GB+128GB) ₹9,900(8GB+128GB) 10900
Realme 10 Pro+(6GB+128GB) 13999(8GB+128GB) 14999
Realme 11 5G(8GB+128GB) 7990(8GB+256GB) 8990
Realme 11 Pro+ 5G(12GB+256GB) 14999(8GB+256GB) 13999
Realme 11 Pro 5G(12GB+256GB) 13999(8GB+128GB) 11999
Realme 11x 5G(8GB+128GB) 7290(6GB+128GB) 6290
Realme C1(2GB+16GB) 1320(3GB+32GB) 1550
Realme C2(2GB+32GB) 3060(3GB+32GB) 3330
Realme C3(3GB+32GB) 2253(4GB+64GB) 2673
Realme C11(2GB+32GB) 1750 ---
Realme C11 2021(2GB+32GB) 3000(4GB+64GB) 3750
Realme C12(3GB+32GB) 1950(4GB+64GB) 2700
Realme C15(3GB+32GB) 2450(4GB+64GB) 2330
Realme C15 Qualcomm edition(3GB+32GB) 5390(4GB+64GB) 3375
Realme C20(2GB+32GB) 3000 ---
Realme C21(3GB+32GB) 2034(4GB+64GB) 2505
Realme C21Y(3GB+32GB) 2933(4GB+64GB) 3900
Realme C25(4GB+64GB) 1760(4GB+128GB) 2340
Realme C25s(4GB+64GB) 2970(4GB+128GB) 3038
Realme C25Y(4GB+64GB) 5699(4GB+128GB) 4943
Realme C30(2GB+32GB) 3690(3GB+32GB) 3990
Realme C30s(2GB+32GB) 3990(4GB+64GB) 4690
Realme C31(3GB+32GB) 3759(4GB+64GB) 5099
Realme C33(3GB+32GB) 4799(4GB+64GB) 5199
Realme C35(4GB+64GB) 6299(4GB+128GB) 6799
Realme C53(4GB+128GB) 4990(6GB+64GB) 5590
Realme GT(8GB+128GB) 28587(12GB+256GB) 24990
Realme GT Master(8GB+128GB) 10838(8GB+256GB) 11475
Realme GT Neo 3T(8GB+128GB) 18990(8GB+256GB) 19990
Realme GT Neo2(8GB+128GB) 13500(12GB+256GB) 22999
Realme GT Neo3(8GB+128GB) 20599(8GB+256GB) 21599
Realme GT2(8GB+128GB) 20500(8GB+256GB) 21999
Realme GT2 Pro(8GB+128GB) 27000(12GB+256GB) 29000
Narzo 10(4GB+128GB) 3740 ---
Narzo 10A(3GB+32GB) 2148(4GB+64GB) 2673
Narzo 20(4GB+64GB) 2635(4GB+128GB) 2720
Narzo 20 Pro(6GB+64GB) 5324(8GB+128GB) 5625
Narzo 20A(3GB+32GB) 1987(4GB+64GB) 2576
Narzo 30(4GB+64GB) 3308(6GB+128GB) 5600
Narzo 30 5G(4GB+64GB) 4080(6GB+128GB) 4824
Narzo 30 Pro 5G(6GB+128GB) 6630(8GB+128GB) 7943
Narzo 30A(3GB+32GB) 2994(4GB+64GB) 4412
Narzo 50(4GB+64GB) 8099(6GB+128GB) 9099
Narzo 50 5G(4GB+64GB) 6639(6GB+128GB) 7599
Narzo 50 Pro 5G(6GB+128GB) 9199(8GB+128GB) 9999
Narzo 60 5g(8GB+128GB) 8899(8GB+256GB) 9799
Narzo 60 pro 5g(8GB+128GB) 11999(12GB+1TB) 14999
Narzo 50A Prime(4GB+64GB) 5599(4GB+128GB) 6599
Narzo 50i(4GB+64GB) 4990(3GB+32GB) 4490
Narzo N53(4GB+64GB) 4790(6GB+128GB) 5790
Narzo N55(4GB+64GB) 5999(6GB+128GB) 7499
Realme U1(4GB+64GB) 4680(3GB+32GB) 4050
Realme X(4GB+128GB) 6370(8GB+128GB) 8250
Realme X2(6GB+128GB) 4900(8GB+128GB) 5070
Realme X2 Pro(6GB+64GB) 9675(8GB+128GB) 10425
Realme X3(6GB+128GB) 6995(8GB+128GB) 7150
Realme X50 Pro(6GB+128GB) 24590(8GB+128GB) 28500
Realme X7(6GB+128GB) 7941(8GB+128GB) 10192
Realme X7 Max(8GB+128GB) 13259(12GB+256GB) 15214
Realme X7 Pro(8GB+128GB) 25987 ---
Realme XT(6GB+64GB) 5236(8GB+128GB) 6440

What is Realme motherboard

The motherboard is the most important part of a smartphone and most of the components are connected to the motherboard. Smartphones different components use motherboards as a hub to communicate with each other.

The motherboard in a smartphone is also known as the Mainboard of the smartphone. Many essential components are integrated with the motherboard of the Realme device like processor, RAM, Storage, GPU, Audio jack, charging port, cameras, and more.

The mainboard in Realme phones also connects the different components with each other and allows them to communicate with each other. It also connects the processor with the RAM and storage of the smartphone.

The processor is the central processing unit of the mainboard in the Realme device. All the tasks are executed in Realme devices by the processor only. Realme uses top processors from MediaTek and Qualcomm Snapdragon brands.

mediatek processor in realme phones

The storage is a virtual container in the motherboard of the Realme phones which is used to store the different types of data including Photos, video, audio, documents, files, and more.

storage in realme motherboard

The RAM is also integrated into the motherboard of the Realme phones. It is also known as random access memory and it is volatile in nature, which means all the data stored in this memory is erased when the power supply to the RAM is discontinued.

ram in realme motherbaord

Realme premium smartphones come with 12GB and higher variants, On the other hand, some realme smartphones have 4GB of RAM.

Motherboard also distributes the power supply to different components in the required amount and makes sure they work properly and only the required amount of power is supplied to the components.

Hardware components of different features in Realme devices like WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, NFC, IR blaster, and more are connected to the motherboard only.

How to repair Realme motherboard at home

If your Realme smartphone has started malfunctioning then there are chances that there is some issue with the motherboard. You can check for hardware tests in your smartphone to make sure if hardware of your Realme device is faulty.

You can follow the simple steps to fix the smartphone problems. You can try to restore your Realme phone to default settings to fix most of the problems.

Make sure you take a complete backup of your smartphone before you do a factory reset to your smartphone. If the problem still persists in your smartphone then you can visit the realme authorized service center.

Technicians at the Realme service center don’t repair the Realme motherboard but they send the faulty motherboard to the factory and get a new motherboard.


How much does Realme 7 motherboard cost?

The Realme 7 motherboard with (6GB + 64GB) memory variant costs ₹4,088 and the (8GB+128GB) variant costs ₹5,798 at the authorized Realme service center.

What is Realme 3 motherboard price at service center?

The Realme 3 motherboard with the (2GB+32GB) memory variant costs ₹2,100, the (3GB+32GB) variant costs ₹2,646, the (3GB+64GB) variant costs ₹2,757, and the 4GB+64GB costs ₹3,510 at the authorized Realme service center.

What is Realme 6 motherboard price?

The Realme 6 motherboard with the (4GB+64GB) memory variant costs ₹1,560, the (6GB+128GB) variant costs ₹2310, the (6GB+64GB) variant costs ₹2,168, and the (8GB+128GB) costs ₹4,128 at the authorized Realme service center.

What is Realme C2 motherboard price?

The Realme 6 motherboard with the (2GB+16GB) memory variant costs ₹2,400, the (2GB+32GB) variant costs ₹3,060, and the (3GB+32GB) variant costs ₹3,330 at the authorized Realme service center.

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