Realme 8 Display price & screen replacement cost

Realme 8 Display price at the authorized service center is available in the post. We have also provided Realme 8 screen replacement cost which includes labor cost and GST if applicable.

The Display price itself includes GST as mentioned on the Realme website but the labor cost doesn’t include GST so you may have to pay GST on the labor cost at the service center for getting fixed your Realme 8 Display.

If your Realme 8 mobile screen has broken then it is really a very painful moment for you. You might want to fix your Realme phone display as soon as possible and also want to know the Display replacement cost for Realme 8 at the service center.

Realme 8 was launched on 21 Apr 2021 in India so it’s only 2 years old smartphone. Getting fix your Realme 8 phone display will be a good choice because you may have saved some important data in your device and don’t want to lose that in any condition.

If you get your smartphone display fixed then your smartphone may work for a few more years and you will not be required to buy a smartphone for a few more years.

If you want to compare all Realme phone display prices then you can find and read our dedicated article on Realme screen replacement costs.

Realme 8 Display

realme 8 display

Realme 8 supports a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED FHD+ full-screen display with pixel resolution of 1080×2400. It also supports a 90.8% screen-to-body ratio and has a pixel density of 409ppi.

Realme 8 display also offers a 180Hz Touch Sampling Rate. And the 180Hz touch sampling rate ensures responsive touch response during gaming sessions.

So, the Realme 8 is really a good smartphone for gaming on a low budget.

realme 8 display price

Realme 8 display price

Realme 8 has a great display which offers a great user experience while playing games and watching videos and photos.

The Super AMOLED display with an in-display fingerprint sensor gives a premium feel to its users with a 180Hz touch sampling rate.

These premium features and AMOLED display make the screen replacement cost high. But still, Realme offers good prices for the Realme 8 screen replacement at their authorized service center.

Realme 8 display price and screen replacement cost at the authorized service center are provided in the table given below.

Realme 8Price
Labor cost350
Screen replacement 4,890

The Realme 8 Display price at the authorized service center is 4390₹ and the final screen replacement cost which includes labor cost & GST is 4,890₹.

You can also find Realme 8 spare parts prices including display, battery, motherboard, camera, and others.

Protect Realme 8 display

Having a Realme 8 smartphone with you then you might be curious to protect its display from scratches and cracks.

As the Display is the most important as well as vulnerable part of a mobile phone. Smartphone displays are made up of glass and can break easily if they fall from a certain height or are hit by any object.

So, it becomes very important to protect your smartphone display from unexpected scratches and cracks. Most of the time smartphone screens break when a phone slips from the hand and hits on the hard ground.

realme 8 front and rear view

We can’t stand on a soft base/ground every time but we can increase our smartphone grip by using a premium quality non slippery back cover on it. Most of the smartphones are made up of glass or slippery plastic material from the front and back so it is obvious that they can slip from our hands.

Although Realme 8 screen comes with a screen protector out of the box but it is not sufficient to protect its display from any mishap.

So, you can use a high-quality screen guard with a premium back cover. You should always make sure that your Realme 8 back cover should occupy the edges of the display properly.

A combination of a high-quality screen guard with a premium back cover decreases the chances of breakage of your phone screen up to some extent.

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